Wearing Shorts, T-Shirt & Sneakers-Your Interviewer Will Now See You

Then there was that one time.  Back when jobs were posted in the newspapers.  My current job hours fluctuated, answering calls all day, so people could apply for credit over the phone, at Retail store.

I was heading out to play tennis, in shorts and t-shirt and sneakers.  Parked car, took elevator to floor, got out, headed over to the window, lady said hello.

I would like to apply for the Credit Analyst position posted in the newspaper.  Sure, do you have a resume.  Here.  Thank you.  Do you have a minute to wait here, I'll be right back.  Thanks for waiting, do you have a few minutes, the hiring director would like to speak with you.  Sure, I not dressed properly.  That's no problem.

Entered the office, down the hall, lots of people in suits working on computers in cubicles.  Sat in Director's office, took a seat.  Did the interview right then and there.  Asked my degree, qualifications, what I did for a living.  Then left.

I got a phone call few days later, with a job offer.  Soon after starting, the Director asked if I knew anyone else with similar backgrounds.  I got 2 people hired from my old job.

I later found out one of the higher ups in the company played tennis as well.  He was looking for a 4th player for the weekly doubles match.  I played with the group, in Downtown Buckhead, at a Mansion with tennis court in back of house.  We played every week.  They told me I got the job because I could play tennis.  Might have been joking.  Not sure.

Then we got downsized and I moved to Florida.  Shortly after got a call from that same guy.  He offered to hire me back, pay for moving expenses back to Atlanta in Mortgage company.  Unfortunately, I just got hired in the IT department and decided to make programming my new career.

And that's how I interviewed in shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, and got the job.