Time to Make the Reports

Time to make the reports.  Been working on the TPS reports for 20+ years.  They still are not done yet.  Not sure if they ever will be.  Working on the reports for multiple decades may be boring to some people.  Trying to get the numbers to match up just rights.  It is meticulous, some say boring.  I do not mind.  Keeps the mind active.  Solving puzzles all day.  Not a bad living.

No, I don´t work on ETL.  Nor Cubes.  Nor Hadoop.  Nor IoT.  Nor Machine Learning.  Nor Artificial Intelligence.  Nor Quantum Computing.

I write SQL.  For the past year or so.  Waking up each day, getting started on the code.  If you write SQL for decades, chances are you enjoy it.  I still do.  Not bad for an Anthropology with Minor in Business.