Numbers Are Fun

People don't make sense.  What makes sense?  Numbers.  Numbers are concrete.  They are logical.  Have patterns.  You can combine them to form other numbers.  Can, add, subtract, divide.  And they are infinite.  They spawn in two directions, with zero sitting in the middle.

A lesser known fact, zero was taboo in older society.  It represented nothingness.  Not something.  Deemed taboo.  Zero was excommunicated.

Actually, zero is something, NULL is nothing.

You can extend whole numbers to have decimals, that also go to infinity.  Prime numbers are only divisible by 1 and themselves.  Numbers have interesting properties to say the least.

Numbers can be considered building blocks, combined to create new numbers.  Like elements of a biological chart.  Like letters of a universal language.

Imagine life without numbers.  Impossible.

Life is divided into pairs.  True/False.  Binary opposites.  Yin/Yang.  Good/Evil.  Positive/Negative charges.  Much of the smaller parts of life depend on aligning charges to pair or repel each other, even at the molecular level.

What if God was positive charge, Devil negative.  Connected opposites.

Computers depend on Zero/One.  Binary language.  Most all computer languages and processors interpret binary language.  Either true or false.

Except.  Quantum Physics does not.  For some odd reason, you can be positive, negative or both.  1, 0 or 1 & 0.  How can that be?  Not entirely sure.  That's what the experts tell us.  They probably know, they went to school for a long time, if anyone knows I'd image in were them.

A quebit can have a charge.  And it's associated quebit also can have a similar charge.  If it changes, the other is also changed, instantly, across vast distances they say.  Sometimes you don't know the state until you ask what the state is.  Imagine that.  Undetermined state until reality enters the picture.  Reality as in human interaction.  If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does not make a sound.

For some reason, this bizarre state of 0, 1 or 0 & 1, can process more possibilities in faster time.  This could impact future computers, throwing the binary shackles to the side, cracking codes that 1000 computers could not solve in 100 years.

True Quantum Computers do not exist per say.  They say they can duplicate the environment to produce quantum behavior in unique physical conditions.  Even still the number of simultaneous quebits alive at a time depends on the power of the servers, which operate in freezing temps, so costs are high and access is limited.

Limited, except now we have programming languages at our fingertips, to send code to Quantum Computers, how about that.  Call Quantum Computers from your living room.

Some say that understanding Quantum Computers, will shed light on the hidden properties of the Universe.  Sort of an old riddle perhaps.  I think Einstein dabbled in Quantum Physics, but I don't want to play dice with one of the greatest minds in history.

Quantum Computing is probably the highest level of though in computer world today, perhaps storing data in atoms may be close second.  I wonder what will be the next higher intellectual concept for technology to conquer.  Replicate humans, artificial general intelligence, hybrid humans/robots, space travel, worm holes, time travel, faster than light.

Personally, I think one of the highest achievements we could imagine would be to get a human on the phone in under 5 minutes when calling Customer Service line AND having them solve your problem.  That's high achievement, so don't hold your breath.  We can only imagine.

Suffice to say, numbers are fun!