FORTRAN Exam not so Easy

I remember taking FORTRAN for Business in college.  Would write Pseudo-Code, then type on Terminal, send Job to run, then send Code to the Printer.  Would have to wait for print outs with other students, they handed out every half hour, on Green Paper.

I remember showing up for the final exam.  Showed ID, sat down, students didn't look familiar.  Started exam, questions made no sense.

So I called the Proctor over, explained.  He said you are just nervous, take your time.  No, I  didn't know answer to a single question.  We determined that the final exam was for FOTRAN for Engineers, not FORTRAN for Business.

I showed up for the wrong test.  I guess in order to pass the test, you have to show up at the correct building, correct room and correct time.  Who knew.

College for me was not easy.  Little known fact, I had to drop Pascal Programming Language Class, because I was flunking.  Not sure why, it didn't click in my head even with some tutoring from my Brother, who was in the Computer Engineering path at the University same time I was there.

That was in the late 1980s.  I received his hand me down laptop at the time, weighed about 50 pounds, size of a large suit case, had Orange screen about smaller than a Lunch Box.  That was big time back then.  I should have hung on to that relic, sold it a few years later for $100 to a guy at work, he paid in installments, $25.

And so it goes~!