Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana.  Its sort of legal now in some places.  Why?  Because it provides relief from chronic pain without addiction.

As far as keeping people in jail for prior offenses of marijuana, not sure that changed anything.

Pot has been around for a while.  It grows as a weed.  Was outlawed in favor of alcohol.  Pot is a derivative of Hemp, which has many benefits.  Some have called hemp God´s gift to mankind.

Alcohol has lots of bad side effects, its actually a depressant, pot has no side effects, except going to jail if caught.

Why aren´t more people going on medical marijuana.  Because if they do, the traditional medical people will no longer treat them, that is why.  If you go to the dark side, don´t plan on coming back.

Keeping marijuana illegal is sort of weird.  A lot of people have tried it, some said they didn´t inhale.

They say legal drugs such as pain killers are leading cause of addiction and death.  Not sure they can say the same for medical marijuana.  Seems Bass Ackwards maybe.

What do I know.  I studied Anthropology.  I can dig holes.  Let me know if you need a hole dug.  I can bring a shovel.

And there you have it~!

Pull Weeds Out by the Root

We had a German family living across the street.  A mother and daughter.  I would go across the street during a snow storm, ask if they needed driveway shoveled, sure, gave a few bucks.

In the Summer, would pull weeds.  They would bring over a glass of lemonade, and a few bucks.  When pulling weeds, you have to grab it by the roots and pull it out completely, otherwise, it will grow back.  Even as a kid, you learn the basics.

Today, when people provide services, they do the basic minimum to get paid and avoid complaints.  Sort of like one hit wonders, they do not even attempt to get repeat business.  Sort of like pulling the weeds out by leaving the roots.

The few dollars earned from pulling weeds and shoveling snow was okay as was the cold glass of lemonade,  and speaking with the old neighbor ladies across the street.  Gave you a sense of purpose even at a young age, 8 or 9 something like that.  Work hard, provide a service, get a beverage and a few dollar bills.

That model has not changed much over the years.  Honest days work for honest days pay.  Some people still pull weeds out by the root.

Automate the Referees and Umpires

Open your eyes you bafoon!  My grandmother could have made a better call than that.  Are you blind or just stupid!

Funny how referees have such a bad reputation.  For making bad calls.

Let us look briefly at the most obvious thing in the world.  What if, referees, are in fact, paid to steer direction and outcome of games.

I mean, it would be so blatantly obvious and explain so many things.  Bad calls.  Outcomes.  Coincidences.  You name it.

I would venture to say, that rigging games is as old as the games themselves.  Not just specific sports, but most if not all sports, at all levels.

What we need, is computerized referees that have accountability, can review calls in real time, and cover the entire game, court, field, strike zone, end zone, you name it.

Having 1 to 4 referees is ludicrous as they can not cover entire game and see everything, let along the odd occurrences from time to time that cause certain teams to win.

Automate the referees!  Let the teams play a fair game and better of two win based on skill, not referees with agendas.

No Student Left Behind Or Not

I moved to Florida in 8th grade.  English class was having a test.  I asked girl next to me for an answer.  She told the teacher.  Ripped up my paper in front of the class.  I got an F.

Few weeks later, teacher asked me why I had no grade for last English test.  I do not know.  Well, we can schedule a make up.

And so it began.

My Algebra teacher, stood in front of the class, every single day, and preached.  He was a good orator, I learned a lot.  He crammed the entire course into the last few weeks of class, I got an A.  ¨Am I right or wrong?¨ he would follow every statement with.

My science teacher, ogled the pretty girls.  Another science teacher, would hand out slips of paper, you had to write on paper ¨I will not talk in class" 100 times.  I received a few myself.

Gym class was a thousand degrees outdoors, we sweated buckets, yet I do not remember us showering, just blasting Van Halen in the locker room.

I wrote a paper on Charlotte's web in 2nd grade in NY, wrote another in 9th grade in Florida.

I was not allowed to take Spanish 2 in 8th grade, said I need to re-take Spanish 1 to stay in line with 8th graders.

I was placed in remedial math class in 8th grade, my co-students could not read of write.  They soon realized I could add and subtract and was moved to a normal class.

Just think, if they placed me in advanced classes, instead of letting me fester in back of the class and ignored for 5 years, I could have turned out smart.

But then again, when they say no child left behind, they are referring to other students, not the neglected students.

Perhaps it was the culture back in the early 1980s, where under funding and over crowding was the norm.  Just imagine, if they taught at the same level of my old NY classes, fed my interest in learning, that would have been great.

Instead, I got to re-take my English test, re-write Charlotte's Web paper and sit in the back of every class twiddling my thumbs, oh and read comic books.

Is that bitter, should we finally let it rest, so it does not deter other families to move, perhaps, maybe things are better now.  Still, wasted potential kinda sucks.

Oh to be young again!

Aliens Exist on Earth

The oceans are dying.  As the coral reefs are dying.  Which house a tremendous ecosystem.  There as vast flumes of debris in sectors of the ocean filled with garbage.

Look above the planet, mass debris as well.  We are experts in polluting the planet, the seas, the atmosphere.

But then again, so what.  Humanity was not designed to live forever.

In that regard, are we the only known living organisms in the entire Universe.  You know, the one that says if you were to travel at the speed of light for a gazillion years, you would never cross the circumference, that Universe.  Chances are if we develop the technology, we will pollute that as well.

Speaking of advanced life forms in the Universe, how are we so sure they do not reside here with us now.  Well, nobody has ever produced firm evidence of such, in physical format.

Well, how about spiritual format.  As in entity spirits using humans as hosts to reside and prey.  We know people hear voices from time to time, and we shuffle them off to an asylum, what if they are actually hearing voices from entities from elsewhere.  What about that!

We could surely provide evidence, if we took the time to inspect such individuals instead of sedating through mass medication and removing from society.  You want proof, you are not looking in obvious places.

Some of the entities may not be so nice, the Exorcist movie for example.  Simply residing off host being, human, living off their energy, moving where the human moves, speaking to them in foreign tongues.

So how about that, aliens on Earth, right before our eyes, yet invisible.  How smart we are as a species, polluting the environment, even dogs know not to poop where they eat.

I say aliens do exist, thousands of times smarter than us, right here on planet Earth.



Faces are interesting Similar

There are a lot of things that we do not know about this guy i.e. background history...

And there are a lot of things we do not know about this guy:

When doing an image search on Google, one guys photo appeared under the other guy´s search.

Does anyone notice a resemblance?

Asking for a friend?

Advertisements, Automobiles Sales, Public Food Places and More

Have we got a deal for you.  First off, have you ever drank a cup of water.  No kidding, me too.  We have so much in common.  Second, did you know 1 + 1 = 2.  Based on our advanced mathematics and aptitude for complex reasoning, such as what we described here, you can guarantee our product works.  In fact, if you are not happy with our product, you can go and purchase a competitors product for full price.  That is how confident we are in our product.

Remember long ago, advertisements could not mention the competitions name.  And such claims as ¨Best in the Galaxy¨ without substantial data to support, that is no longer the case.  Anyone can now advertise whatever they want how often they want, regardless of anything.  If you have the money to advertise, there are truly no limits.

Are advertisements a bad thing?  Perhaps not.  If people are dumb enough to believe them, then they deserve what they get.  Do ads affect people´s buying decisions, you betcha.  If you purchase retail that is.

Remember when we had limit number of vendors to purchase from.  Take cars for instance, you had American automobiles, different vendors, makes and models, each had slightly different something to compete.  You had your basic choices.  Then foreign vendors entered the markets and have since taken huge shares of the market.  Then cheaper cars appeared, at first scoffed out, for lack of quality, spending more time in the repair shops than on the road.  Until the economy collapsed, now thatś inexpensive cars are all people can afford and purchasing like wild fire.  The overall mantra has changed as well, ¨you know, they really aren´t that bad¨.  Perception fluctuation based on discretionary income.

In the meantime, the cost of an average automobile has doubled or tripled in price.  More features, less quality, still not designed to last longer than the manufactured warranty.  And when you go to trade it in, they find minute defects to chew you down on the price.  Not sure how the auto industry is allowed such barbaric sales tactics to this day, must have lots of money to throw at officials.  Surely there has to be an easier way, than battling 3 to 5 hours with sales guy, ¨I really don´t think my manager will approve this deal, but let me go back and stall some more to exhaust you and lower your will power...¨.

Speaking of higher prices, have you gone to the super market lately.  Jeepers creepers.  Enough said.

Hereś a concept.  What if food was provided to the people.  As in food stations throughout town.  You could purchase a meal card.  Eat based on your hunger needs.  All food provided and cooked by same organization, so they would get discounts for mass purchases, and the people would be able to eat.  In fact, those with limited income could get discounted or free food, so nobody goes hungry.  I know, such outlandish ideas, bordering on Socialism.  Hey, feed the people, so they don´t die hungry on the streets.  Sort of the humane thing to do, regardless of political persuasion.  They already do this in public schools, just widen the net to the public.

And while your at it, keep a few cots available for people to nap.  Might reduce crime, as people wouldn´t need to rob your house to get food & shelter money.

Suffice to say, the only thing that really matters, is selling goods and services, regardless if they provide value to any degree.  Our entire planet is based on the model of ¨selling¨.  At some point, the people that produce goods and service will no longer be in a position to purchase the goods and services they produce.  Hence, the system will no longer serve its purpose and will collapse.  Unless.  The economy is propt up by artificial stimulus asset injections, which is sort of where we are at today, like a tree that is no longer alive, internal guts have been eaten out, leaning against another tree to prevent falling over.

So this is an uplifting post.  Advertisements, who needs em.  Auto sales.  Gotta have em, perhaps fix the delivery mechanism from barbaric to civilized, rise in food costs, public food joints across the land and finally, Marx prediction comes to fruition as economy no longer driven by supply and demand.

Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend!  Shalom.

Sample Jobs Ad

Apply now!

Client is looking for Junior level programmer, must have 10 years IT experience, Masters Degree or MBA preferred.  5 Years of Java, .net, Mainframe, Cobol, Data Warehousing, Project Management.

Nice to have: CPA, PhD, Space Shuttle flight experience.

Prefer Left handed people, Red heads, Blue collared shirts and from North Dakota if possible.

This is an intern gig, sorry, not a paid position.

You will have 14 phone tech screenings, 2 face to face, then another 3 rounds to see if you are a good fit.  Then another 3 month wait while we interview tons of other people.

You will never receive a verbal or written decline letter, as the position will eventually go to the brother in law of the executive.

We do not discriminate, apply now.

Crypto Currency Bubble

BitCoin.  I heard about BitCoin a while back.  Was going to purchase a server to Mine BitCoin.

Free Money!

Who doesn´t want that.

Well, if we take a step back for a second.  There are no free meals.  There are suckers born every minute.  History dictates the appearance of manufactured bubbles every so often, to fuel the economy and displace money from the bottom upwards.

Based on this limited subset of information, I chose not to invest in BitCoin.  And now we hear that some big Tech Companies refuse to support BitCoin.  And leading investment advisers, billionaires in fact, shrug off as well.

I hate to be the messenger, but if you want to become wealthy, why not try working hard for it.  Yes, it sure would be a lot easier to lie, steal, cheat or ride the next bubble, but working hard builds character.

Try it, you may like it.

On another note, I would venture to guess that an alternative Crypto currencies appears in the not so distant future, built on similar foundation of BlockChain.  Except it will be regulated and controlled similar to current currency, yet it will cross country boundaries and be accepted worldwide currency.  Or segmented digital currency in North & South America, Europe, Africa, etc..

And who is this guy that created BlockChain.  A mystery man indeed.  Don´t you just love when new technology is created out of thin air by some phantom of the night, doesn´t stick around for accolades and wealth.  Seem funny to you?

Wasn´t there a super hero from another planet that had superior strength and his only downfall was ¨Crypto¨ Night.  Ah who knows.

And so it goes~!

Scientific Method is Flawed Thanks to Francis Bacon

Facts are Facts.  How do you know?  Because they can be proven by scientific reasoning in controlled environment.  Who came up with that milarky?  Francis Bacon.

We were ushered into the age of reason.  The cold world of hard facts.  Before that, what was there?  The Dark Ages.

At one time, there was a blending of Science, Math, Spirituality, Philosophy, Arts.  After Bacon, scientific reasoning.

As you know, our brains are hard wired for two things.  One side of the brain is free flowing and artistic open minded, the other half of the brain is cold hard facts using logic.

Our brains typically use one side for some things and the other side for other things.  Or a blending of the two.  Some accident victims that have brain damage are able to use both sides of the brain more fluent, and have higher levels of intelligence and creativity.

The Scientific Method boxes humanity in, using common agreement of facts.  Our facts tend to lay simple to understand solutions over complex ideas.  Some of which have been inaccurate for a very long time, yet nobody has the time nor desire to refute.  We just accept facts as facts and non facts as non facts.

Do ghosts exist?  No.  Why?  Can not prove in a lab.  Ok, then it becomes fact.

Just because our technology is not advanced enough to prove something as fact, does not dismiss the underlying truth.  Yet our hierarchy system of authority prevents changes, unless authored by someone upstream.

Is the planet getting hotter?  No.  Why?  Because our hired panel of experts deemed to be fact.  Okay.

If you throw out all documented knowledge, and build again from the ground up, this time using Intuition and Philosophy and Arts as well as Science and Math, then you have a better chance at seeing the truth in the Universe.  Its when you tie the hands of the people to use Scientific Method as gatekeeper for truth, that you give the reigns to select few people.

Scientific Method is great, just needs a bit of revision, to include the other half of the brain.

Make it so number one!

Where Are the High Paying IT Jobs

If you work in Information Technology, chances are, you want a high paying job.

How do you know where the high paying jobs are?

You could look across regions of the world, or country in which you reside.

Look at States or Cities in particular.

Of all jobs in the region, how many are directly related to Information Technology.
Of those jobs, what percentage of the workforce is tapped into IT.
Of that percentage, what is the average wage for particular job function.

Compare that average wage to other Regions, States, Cities.

If you find that your particular chosen location is not in line with other regions, ask yourself why?

Does the salary cap top off at certain level?
Are there limited number of roles with high competition?
Do the companies offer training?
If you decide to pack up and move to this region, are there other jobs waiting on the wings down the road?
Will my children have opportunity for good public education?
How are the roads and commute infrastructure, will I spend half the day in gridlock traffic?
What is the core population and what are their beliefs, are they temporary residence that pay no taxes and don´t care about your location?

Every city is going to promote how they are invested in the growth of Information Technology industry.  Yet if you peal back the curtain, you find it isn´t quite what it appears.  Do your homework.

49% of the population are below average.  That´s statistics for you.

Before Star Wars, there was THX 1138 George Lucas

We Replaced You with a Bot

We wrote a ¨bot¨ to replicate your personality.  Took about an hour.  You´re services are no longer needed.

Funny, but possible.

You as an entity, besides all the drama, are designed to work and spend money.  If your job description could be automated, you could be replaced by technology, in one form or another, and you would not have the capital to spend.  No work, no spend.  Then what?

What makes you ¨you¨.  Probably your accumulated experiences and thoughts and patterns and relationships over time.

One thing that´s baked into everyone, are their personal bias.  Your favorite color, your favorite meal, your view of the world is slanted towards your experiences plus your preferences.

If we remove your preferences, and distill your experiences down to simple truths, then combine them with others, a mash of consolidated truths across cultures and ages, we could create a generic intelligence, minus the personal preferences.  The Borg.

Who cares what your favorite color is.  Or your SAT scores.  Or your net worth.  What unique knowledge do you possess that could benefit the group?

Your believe that your are separate being entity, that´s is the mass hallucination we are taught from early age.  Kids are labeled from early age, how well does this child look out for themselves, how good are they are getting what they want, are they ruthless.  That´s considered a good trait, at least when I was growing up.

If you were deep thinker, lost in thought, shy, and didn´t care much for competition, they labeled and tossed you aside, make room for others.

When did we decide that aggressive winner takes all behavior was favorable?  What about those with deficits that can´t compete or choose not to compete?

Society is about to awaken to a new reality.  Job security.  Pensions.  Low cost education.  Expensive healthcare.  Inflation.  Elderly population without savings.

As we approach the perfect storm, we have automation waiting on the wings, ready for their entrance, to take center stage.  People have so much baggage, intelligence systems do not.

Does anyone maintain the belief that their role in society is going to remain in tact?  Just look around, the tides are beginning to shift.  With everyone looking out for themselves, instead of group effort, let´s see how this turns out.

Best of luck!


Those Who Never Burned Out, May not Care as Much

They say to give 150% in everything you do.  Except, giving blood.

Why do some people burn out while others do not?  When people assign you tasks and responsibilities, and you take ownership from start to completion, you take on added weight.  Some people have no idea what that means.

Not my pay grade.
Not my job.
Not my responsibility.
Let someone else worry about it.
Let someone else fix it.

I do my job, go home, sure I try hard, but I do not take ownership.  I prefer to have people tell me what to do and I do it.  I do not want to self manage anything.  And I have never burned out.

These people may not burn out, but they may be downsized.

Those who take ownership, who are self managed, who see projects through to completion, who pay attention to details, take pride in workmanship, they will always be around.  Yet they may burn out from time to time.

If someone brags that they never burned out, maybe you should ask if they ever took ownership of their work.  Burning out means you "cared" about your work, just took it too far for too long.  If you do not care about your work, that says it all.

Riding Out the Storm

Life is stressful.  We all have stress.  Work, finance, world events, you name it.

3 years ago, I took on the additional role of caregiver.

Juggling two full time roles can consume your time and energy.  Two dozen doctors.  Hundreds of appointments.  Major life altering operations.  Medical Bills.  Pharmacy.  MRIs.  CT Scans.  X-Rays.  Loss of income.  Travel.

Plus the daily grind of everyday living.  Wake up 4am.  Fall into bed exhausted.  Every single day.  For three years.

For the first time, at the tail end of last year and into the New Year, I found my energy again.  This was a test of strength and willpower.

Looking forward to the current year and what the Universe has in store.


Cavemen, Dirt, Wheelbarrows, Blockchain, CryptoCurrency and AI

Data is the new oil. Sort of a good analogy.

Except new oil is constantly required.  And there is only so many oil wells on the planet.  At some point, they will dry up.

Data is more like the new sunshine.  Chances are the Sun will be around for a very long time.  Giving off light and heat energy for many generations.

You could say we have been collecting data, or let us say dirt, for a long time.  We collect our dirt, store in Buckets.  At some point, someone discovered very large Buckets, or big Buckets (big data).  You can store a whole bunch of dirt in big Buckets.

We still need a way to transport that dirt from one location to another, we use wheel barrows, or ETL for Extract Transform and Load.  We move a pile of dirt from here to over here, we do this every night during ETL process, make copies of dirt over and over.

Next we reinvented a system to store that dirt across vast spaces, totally transparent, with rules to identify if the dirt is allowed to be approved for delivery and transaction, the block-chain.  We will split up the pile of dirt, keep some in varied locations to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Block-chain appears to be a good technology, can be leveraged across many sectors for near real time instant transaction recording, think Insurance, Healthcare, Stock Transfers, Voting Polls.  Block-chain raised its head in the form of Crypto currencies.  Thing to remember, if you control the creation of money, you are well positioned, let us not discount the fact that money printers are not going to relinquish their position any time soon.  So Crypto Currencies many come to fruition, putting dents into the banking system structure, but it will be a controlled currency, across the globe, with fees and specific groups that allow new currency units to be created into economy, all tracked electronically for audit trails and fraud prevention (or fraud creation).

Artificial Intelligence, great concept, to mirror the human brain.  Except as researchers explore the human brain, they realize teaching data models to become guests on Jerry Springer show is not all that great an accomplishment, as humans pretend they are logical, yet lack evidence for such.  Emotional creatures that know best practices, and go to great heights to completely ignore, think diets, savings, exercise, faithful, etc.

Augmented Reality is an up and comer.  As if Real Reality was not strange enough, we created artificial reality, with no holds bar, anything is possible.

Perhaps cavemen and cave women had it best.  Hunt.  Gather.  Mate.  Sit around the campfire.  That does not sound all that bad if you think about it.  Technology has propelled mankind forward, and added new dimension of Temple of Babble by confusing, over complexing, splintering, re-inventing new ways to solve same business problems, for a fee.  Yet that fee drives the economy.  And who could not use a few extra artificial units of currency to display their artificial status in artificial society.

I would say cavemen were just as smart, if not smarter, than today.


How do we Scale & Speedup Artificial Intelligence

People have filters.  If you ask someone that drinks at bars a question about a bar, chances are, they will have more information that you care to know, as in what bars are in the vicinity, the culture of clients, the menu, etc.

Same with a person that enjoys coffee.  They have an internal map of all the coffee joints in town, hours, locations, people, baristas.

Reason being, they are domain experts in their specialized interest.

They say the average mind listens to thousands of signals a second.  Because the fact is we are bombarded by too much stimuli, so we filter out the stuff not important to survival or interest.  Perhaps running anomaly detection routines in the background for protection, subconsciously in the back of the brain.

The mind is always awake, processing stimuli into information for processing.  We filter on the basics, push aside the not important stuff, and go about our lives.  Perhaps we have special areas of interest that we are knowledgeable.  Perhaps we learn up to a point, then shut down anything new, at a certain age.

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence produced artificially.  Intelligence is derived as any other computer.  It takes Input.  Processes the input.  Returns Output.

We have developed multiple ways to teach computers patterns over time by feeding input data, process through multiple layers to produce output results based on percentages of predictability.

We have specific sets of data to train specific data models.  We tune these models for better accuracy, over time so the training can learn based on new data.

We have data models that watch other data models, receive input via feedback loops, for instant feedback, so the models can learn faster with better accuracy.

Yet, they are limited in their domain.  They may be experts in a specific area, but chances are, not multiple domains, in real time.

Input.  Process.  Output.

That is how computers work, and to some degree, that is how brains work.  Brains could be considered very advanced data models, how the data gets stored & archived, accessed on demand, memory, are sort of becoming more known, yet still a black box indeed.  Brains are extraordinary equipment and are a mystery.

Artificial Intelligence has progressed recently, as in the past 10 to 15 years.  Because data sets are more available, processing power has increased, software is freely available and expert thinkers and designers are hard at work at well funded organizations working night and day tirelessly to solve this unique riddle.

Some of the issues confronted are domain specific models do not scale easily, they take time to train, perhaps not real time models.  The process of obtaining data, cleansing to some degree, processing models through multiple layers is tedious, not fast and performed by trained professionals in unique office conditions.

With all the advancements so far, as in winning at Jeopardy, becoming master level at video games such as Othello, Atari, Go, Chess, Poker, how do we integrate multiple layers of AI across multiple domains in real time as well as scale globally with increased accuracy, better performance and lower costs.

Input.  Process.  Output.

With AI, we have facial recognition, classification of objects, speech, vision, natural language processing, predictions based on statistical probability, anomaly detection based on data points that do not comply with expectations.  Most of this is performed via computer software.  Robotics are entering the space as well as in manufacturing jobs and machinery to increase efficiency across physically demanding and repetitious patterns.

So if a software program can be trained by processing large sets of data, what if we could teach machines to learn faster.  As in learn by example.  A picture says a thousand words.

What if a computer could simply watch an action over time, and learn the techniques to duplicate the behavior, with efficiency and accuracy.  How would that be done.

Well, if you had a camera, that translated the external world into a digital world, for processing, that would handle the data input.

The processing could be short wired to watch the patterns, learn the best practices as well as exceptions.  The core learning wouldn´t take that long, its learning the exceptions that may take longer, and those can be archived and appended over time.  This is a challenge for humans as well, as long as things go as expected, people can process and move forward.  Its when exceptions occur, how do you handle, forward to manager as they have more experience or authorization, same with computers, flag occurrence for future follow up.  Otherwise continue as usual.

Teach computers to teach themselves by showing them actions to perform, may speed up the training of models.  And those models can be integrated with other models.  Each component becomes expert in their niche, other models can access each other model, such as a bee hive.  A series of combs together form a structure, the bee hive.  Each comb could display its meta data, what the model does, what its domain expertise is, how to interact with it, who created it, when, how often updated, etc. etc.

A combination of multiple domains spiced together across giant networks, to form a unified collection of knowledge across multiple domains in real time, scaled across the planet, continuously being updated with newer information.  New data models could leverage the already learned knowledge from other Data Models across similar domains.

When we think of Artificial Intelligence, we think technology, as in data or programming or algorithms, or what have you.  What you also need to consider are the liberal arts, the actual arts, the sciences, different cultures as in Anthropology, history, medical, banking, traffic patterns, engineering, politics, governments.  There is no set of knowledge outside the realm of AI, it encompasses everything, including languages, religions, tactical warfare, currencies, economies, etc..

It may be possible to speed up the development of Artificial Intelligence by leveraging the ability of software applications to learn by watching, osmosis.  We can not depend on huge volumes of new data sets, to take hours to program and train specific models in specific domains, which do not scale and perhaps not real time.

We need AI systems that can scale, faster, more accurate, by learning the basics of new systems by watching repetitious patterns and learning, as well as pickup up information from other trained models in other or similar domains.  We can expose these trained models using meta-data, telling users information about specific models, so they can be leveraged, why reinvent the wheel when that info has already been learned.

We have made great strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  I wonder if we could speed things up a bit, by introducing new ways to train models, and bypass the process of training models based on large data sets.  Let the models train themselves by watching and learning, over time, in real time, as well as leverage a network of trained models across the globe.

Any opinions on this line of thought.


Are You A Data Scientist

Data Scientist cropped up a while back, became all the rage.  Here are a few requirements:

  1. Enjoys working with data
  2. Intellectual curiosity
  3. Programming skills
  4. Domain knowledge
  5. Cleanses data
  6. Big data
  7. PhD
  8. Statistical Algorithms
  9. Visualizations
  10. Problem Solver

I would say 20+ years working with data, programming and creating reports is a good skills set and foundation for career in IT.  I do not possess a 7.) PhD nor Masters Degree.  And I have not had much experience with 8.) Statistical Algorithms.

I have no intention of going back to school to earn PhD, that boat sailed years ago.  Adding Statistical Algorithms is just a matter of getting a juicy project in which to work with Statistics and training models in Machine Learning, to officially say I have real world experience as Data Scientist.

We see the rhetoric surrounding FAKE DATA SCIENTIST.  Perhaps they do exist.  Looking at the skills I've acquired over time, it sure looks like they overlap to a high degree.  The probability that I am a Data Scientist is fairly high percentage, plus or minus 3% (snark).  Until I get real world experience, will remain a data jockey.

Medical Marijuana