Thoughts to Ponder

What are some characteristics that you admire?

Honor.  Sacrifice.

What are some characteristics that you don't like?

Liars.  Cheaters.  Crooks.

Do you think people are simply one or the other?  Or shades of gray?  Where does the line start and stop?

Do you every root for people to fail?

When nobody is looking, do you like the person you've become?

When nobody is left to blame, can you confront your mistakes in the mirror?

Who or what holds the key to your happiness?

What impact have you made on the world?

How important is that Rolex, sports car, mansion, when you could be a hiccup away from homeless or bad health?

Do you have a single original idea that you can call your own?

When you can't hide behind rules, degrees, hierarchy's, achievements, standing naked before your peers, are you a strong person?

What is your purpose in life?

Are you shades of gray?

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