Just Say No

You read a lot on the internet about setting boundaries.  In order to be an effective leader, you have to learn the word "NO".

So I say, hey, that's a great idea.  I can say "NO".

I started with the Mortgage company.  They said you need to pay us the monthly payment.  I said "NO".  I prefer to have boundaries and I'm saying "NO", I will not send the payment this month.  Try me back next month.

I felt pretty good.  This leadership stuff is great.  What else can I say no to?

You have a deadline at work.  "NO".  I need to establish boundaries so I feel more empowered to take on challenges that make me feel good.  Maybe later.

So my wife says bring down the garbage pales.  "NO".  I will NOT bring down the garbage pales.

So I'm thinking to myself, as I'm out wandering the streets, homeless, no job, no wife, thinking, man, this leadership stuff isn't that difficult.  You just need to stand up and say "NO".

You should try it, feels great~!

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