Change is Coming

Could you imagine uploading your brain to the web?  Imagine, all your memories from birth till now.  Available on the web.  Assuming no power outages, you could live forever.

For me, one life is enough.  Not sure I'd like to stay here on planet Earth after 80 or 90 years.

How about having children born from a test tube.  Need not get married, just order from a catalog.  Pick the characteristics you'd like, brain capacity, athletic ability, big nose, long legs, medium ears, dark eyes.

You could order the basic package.  Or for a few dollars more, why not upgrade?  You'll receive 20% more brain capacity, stronger and less illness.  Can't afford the up front costs, well you're in luck.  Sign up for our layaway program, we'll find you a payment plan that meets your needs.  And you're child can work off his/her debt over time.  With a smarter, better looking kid, chances are they'll find better work and be able to pay back the money.

Why would we need marriage actually.  If we think about tradition, people were pre-assigned spouses at early age.  Send the family a half dozen cows, some chickens, maybe some goats, match for life.  At this point in evolution, without need to reproduce, why would family unit matter.  Everyone would be single.  No need to get good job to get good salary to get good spouse.  You can almost see the family unit going away for good.  Divorce is already at greater than 50%, why not just abolish altogether?  Sure would solve a lot of problems.

While you're at it, just have a chip added to the child's birth for tracking and monitoring purposes.  Since we'll have electronic currency by then, the child's Unique Identifier, most likely not their Social Security number, we can assign the child a unique bank account at birth.  All monies would go in and out of the account, completely track able, as would the child's movement and whereabouts.

Things sure are about to change.  Are you ready?

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