Billable Hours

With 13 weeks remaining in 2017, decided to review billable hours for the year.

From high level, on current project, if you combine billable hours + travel and subtract out Holidays, Jury Duty, PTO, Admin time, looking at 120% billable hour rate capacity.

In other words, if you figure each week has 40 potential hours and I worked x number of weeks, I worked every possible hour plus 20% on top of that.  20% of 40 hours is 8 hours, so I've worked on average 48 hours per week for the past 30 weeks.  Although I didn't find time to get training last year or this year.  And last year I let some vacation go unused.

The thing is, although I bill 40 hours max, chances are, I work over 40 hours.  So that would indicate the % is higher.  Although the travel of 171 hours doesn't include the extra day layover on Sundays and I flew home on Friday's 9pm to save money.  And I stayed at AirBnB majority of nights when traveling.  

Found out this week my contract got extended until end of the year.

If you think about it, I taught that online Azure course over a year and a half ago, and till this day, I don't have a single line of code in Azure.  I taught the course on SQL Database, SQL Data Warehouse, Hadoop, HDInsight, Streaming Analytics, Power BI, AzureML, Data Factory, Service Bus, maybe some U-SQL and had a section on Artificial Intelligence.

But I've been writing standard SQL against AWS Data Lake Hive tables the entire project with some PowerBI.com.  SQL hasn't change much in 21 years.

Looking to close out the year, try to use up some of that PTO and start prepping for 2018.  Got some time off scheduled, head to the mountains.  Probably leave the laptops home!

And so it goes~!