Antagonist vs Protagonist Classic Story of Mankind

Popeye the Sailor was a descent guy.  Just trying to live his life.  Get a girl named Olive Oil.  But wait.  Brutus.  Big ole bully, had it in for him.

Had we known back then, bullies are bad, mean people that have no place in society.

Except for the fact that bullies have always existed, from the playground to school to college to work to retirement homes.  Bullies are the foundation of society.

But now that we've identified them, labeled as deviants of society, all is well.

Have you ever read a book.  Or watched a movie.  They all have the same theme.  Some good guy, the protagonist, confronts a mean bully, antagonist.  The classic story from the dawn of time.

Lots of stories are based on true life, did you ever realize that.  What if life had real bullies.  Mean people that were hell bent on making life difficult for you and me.

If you stop to think about, the world's gone pretty mad lately.  Getting slammed from every angle.  Multiple recessions, job loss, decline of dollar, housing market collapse, stock market bubble, rising costs of everything, healthcare premiums, food costs, traffic in every city, on and on.

Have you ever stopped to think, what if some mean bully is behind all this mess.  It's almost too prevalent to be coincidental.  Like a perfect storm, mapped out and architected, to remove the wealth of the middle class, perfectly executed.

Just like Popeye, Brutus could have it in for us.  Well, I guess we need to double down on spinach intake or something.

Me, I though Popeye was alright, but I preferred Gilligan.  He was a mindless bobble head, not too bright, yet good intentions.  I think he was a good role model for the most part.  If they think you're that dumb, you aren't much of a threat, and they move on to someone else.  

Yeah, I think Gilligan had them all fooled.  He was probably pretty smart.  Sometimes life at the bottom of the food chain is much easier than competing with the Brutus' of the world.  Let em think you're an imbecile, when you're actually the opposite.

And so it goes~!

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