Riding the Storm Out in Florida

We weathered Hurricane Irma with minimal impact.  We were fortunate to have power all day and night with constant flickering, along with internet connection.  The winds howled continually throughout the evening and picked up gust around 1am.  I stayed up until 3pm then went to bed.  When we awoke, went outside to assess damage.  Mostly downed branches and limbs.  The trench dug on the side of the house did its job and pushed the water out of the backyard.  And we brought in all the stuff from outside so no flying debris.

Then I raked up the leaves, went on the roof to rake some more, assembled a pile out front.

Had a chance to strum the guitar while the storm howled, riding the storm out around 1am on the back patio...(video quality ain't so great).  I basically finger pick the notes, with no song and no idea what next note will be at any point.  Just random strumming, using index and third finger and open strings mostly.

Hurricanes are part of living in Florida.  First direct hit since we moved here in 1982.  I hope everyone who stayed during the storm was safe and damage to property not too severe.

And so it goes~!