Sit and Wait

The Hurricane was heading towards Florida, they predicted an east Coast thing, so many of the residents were thinking, we're off the hook.  I was holding out as the storms have a mind of their own.  Sure enough, the thing turned heading directly towards us.  We heard stories of people driving north, grid traffic, arriving to destination with not much gas.  So we decided to ride it out.

I spent about 10 hours Saturday preparing the house.  Then I got a call from a friend, he left town in a camper, was in Texas when we spoke.  He said to get out.  By that time, it was really too late.

So we spent the day doing nothing much really, just waiting for the nasty weather to start.  And start it has.  Wind is howling, trees are shifting from side to side, been raining nonstop for hours.  Dogs are huddled together.  Lights have been flickering on and off for hours.  Internet keeps resetting.  At this point, we expect to lose power shortly, as the storm should arrive after midnight.

All we can do is sit and wait.  So that's what we'll do.  See you on the other side (of the storm) ~!