Purpose of Media

Television and media have multi purpose.

Entertainment  Low level sit-coms to babysit the masses.

Information Flow  Disseminate single source of the truth.  Watered down, filtered, altered and biased.

Revenue Stream Advertisers pay gobs of greenbacks to get their brand in front of your eyes and ears.  Seriously, who purchases items based on loud, flashy, obnoxious, half true blurbs.  Apparently just about everyone.

Create Culture When you have the attention of majority of population, you get to inject subtle hints of acceptable behavior.  You set the tone, define boundaries, within limits, you don't attack the people paying revenue stream, shoot yourself in the foot.

Anxiety If you catch yourself getting anxious after media binges, its not by accident.  Media structures its content to make you feel weak, tired, lethargic, anxious and perhaps depressed.  In that state, you aren't much of a threat, chances are you'll likely binge purchase to feel better.  News spews one bad segment after another after another after another.  Newspeak.

If you ever take over a country, first thing you get is control of their media.  Then their education system to educate the youngsters, as the adults are too old to learn new behaviors.  Loot their museums.  And their financial markets of course, start flowing your goods and services cha ching!

Let's march to victory~!

And there you have it~!