Meetup with Other Selves in Alternate Parallel Universes

 Having some spare time waiting for the Hurricane Irma to make a presence, I organized a Meetup  with my other selves who reside in alternate parallel Universes.  We all met in a galaxy far far away, few of me were late as MapQuest not available in that sector of the galaxy.

We each introduced ourselves, how our lives progressed, and got to witness what our lives would have turned out had we made alternate decision at each point in our lives.  Some of me were very successful, others not so much.

We spoke of past lives, turns out some of me borrowed so much, they're still repaying back the loans.  It was a very enlightening experience to meet all of me at this point in time/space.  Really opens your mind to the ramifications of each decision in life.  Some good, some not so good, then amplified with each new decision.

It's sort of like the Theory of Fractals where each spot of physical space can be zoomed in, only to find new spaces where you zoom in again until infinity.  Same with decision making and it's exponential possibilities and such.

Regardless, based on discussion with my other selves from alternate parallel Universes, I'd have to say the segment strand I'm currently on, this could very well be Purgatory.

And so it goes~!