Everybody Loves a Winner

Time to pick up the dog poop out back.  Clean the pool.  Add chemicals.  Clean the filter.  Pull the weeds.  Mow the lawn.  Trim the shrubs.  Bring down the pails.  Bring up the pails.  Bring down the recycled pails.  Bring up the recycled pails.  Clean the garage.  Clean the kitchen.  Clean the bathrooms.  Vacuum the downstairs.  Vacuum the upstairs.  Vacuum the steps.  Clean up the dog fur around the house.  Do the laundry.  Fold the laundry.  Bring the car in for repair.  Drive to doctor appointment.  Call insurance fix the billing error.  Pay the doctor appointment.  Go to next doctor appointment to fix problem cause by previous doctor.  Go to next doctor appointment to fix the problem caused by the next doctor.  Call insurance to fix billing error on last two appointments.  Call doctor to have them fix the notes from doctor visits as they wrote down incorrect stuff.  Pay the bills for previous two doctor appointments.  Look for newer doctor.  Drive to MRI.  Drive to C-Scan.  Drive to pharmacy pick up prescriptions.  Grocery shop.  Sam's Club shop.  Pick up dog food, dog toys, biscuits.  Drive dogs to dog groomer.  Pick up dog medicine.  More doctor appointments.  Drive to dentist for semi-annual cleaning.  Call insurance why didn't they approve x-rays.  Pay bill to dentist.  Emergency crown needed.  Pay bill for crown.  Fill up car with gas.  Pick up food for dinner.  More doctor appointments.  More doctor appointments.  Pay bills for doctor appointments.  Visit and drop off stuff for family member in senior care facility, memory care unit.  Fix the computer, internet not working.  Change the light bulbs that are out.  Change the air conditioning filter.  Order more ac filters.  More doctor appointments.  More prescriptions that don't work.  More bills.  Work 40 hours per week consulting.  Travel.  Work.  Travel.  Work. Travel.  Repeat all the above.  For years.

People wonder what wears you down.  I'm not sure exactly.

When you're going through a storm, don't stop to ask questions.  Just keep moving forward.

How do you take care of yourself?  You don't.  No exercise.  Lack of sleep.  Exhaustion.  Toughen up.

I joined a tennis club.  Started playing after 10 years.  Same people, some new ones as well.  Some good days, some not so good days.  When you're losing, the key thing to remember.  Stick to the basics.  Don't try anything fancy.  Get the ball back in play.  Let the opponent make the errors.  Find some momentum.  Keep at it.  If you lose, play again next week.  Practice at the wall.  Eventually, you find your swing again.  And you win.  Nobody cares about the losses.  Everybody loves a winner.

And so it goes~!