Credit Bureau Data Breech

The Equifax breech in my opinion is the grand daddy of them all data hacks.

When I approved loans for 4 or 5 years, Credit Bureau was the "main" way to asses if someone was credit worthy.

A 5 to 10 second glance at the report, we could determine if you drank champagne, beer or milk.  In other words, we could determine your character using the credit report.  And it works.

Back in the early 1990's, the main 3 were Equifax, TransUnion and TRW.

Now that hackers have this info, we're screwed basically.  They know every credit card, auto, home and unpaid student loans you've had, for the past 7 years.  They know if you pay your bills, they have your address info.  What more could they need.

Truly  this is a data hack of epic proportions.  The one thing I learned about approving loans, the ones who qualify best, don't need the loans.

And there you have it~!