Brilliant College Kid, Drop Outs, Start Biz, Makes Billions

We all here these stories, some college kids drops out, makes billion dollar startup.  It's possible, maybe.

What if some group, had some idea for a product, like, lets find a way to get people connected to all their friends, find out their deepest, inner most thoughts, capture those in a database, how could we do that.

Well, we could force people to do data entry every day, remember facts, emotions, web of connections, etc.  Or we could build a fancy cool website, make if fun.

We'll pick someone, let them run the company, make tons of money, and we'll get our ulterior motive.  Which is a data mining site where the public freely enter and divulge all information in their heads of past and current experiences along with their personal relationship network, their underlying beliefs, so we can build social profiles of everyone on the planet, and we won't pay them a dime for this valuable information.

Let's create a device, which people will carry with them at all times.  It will contain all their contacts, they can surf the internet, talk on it, take pictures, upload.  We'll fund it, brilliant founder college dropout will make billions, and we'll introduce our portable, information gathering and tracking device ulterior motive.

The trick is, most if not all people chosen to lead these companies will be college drop outs, somewhat defiant of the system, technological genius, common theme.

If you'd like to introduce ultra new technology for some reason, and would like to mask ulterior motives, simply hire a bright college kid, get them to drop out, spoon feed them the technology, make up some story of company history, kid makes billions, meanwhile you get what you want, public need not know anything.

There's no way this scenario is true.  But.  You ever wonder?