Blog is Back

Welcome to Bloom Consulting BI blog, 2.0.

We shut the blog down for a spell, had to do some routine maintenance, spring cleaning, if you will.

And we're back, better than ever.  Or, maybe more of the same.

I started blogging perhaps 2003 or 2004, under SafetyHarborShaman site.  Was a classic ASP web app connected to an Access database in the cloud.  It got hacked, so I shut it down.

Started this one.  Been posting for many years, probably deleted hundreds of posts over the years.  Right now, site has approx 1200 posts.

I started the year out on the bench.  Working partial hours for a pharmaceutical company writing Tableau reports.  Then landed a project in Boston, for a major insurance company, writing reports in DBVisualizer against AWS Hive in Data Lake, and some Excel VBA.  My projects been extended a few times, got some additional resources added so we have a team now instead of flying solo.  And by flying, I traveled the first 8 weeks from Sunday to Friday, home on Saturday, back to back to back.  Then 4 weeks travel out of the next 8.  And travel has slowed a bit, although I've worked 40 hours every week minus few days PTO here and there.

When you work from home there's no division between personal life and work life.  And I've been hoofing it for sure on both ends.  Since 2015.  There's never a time that I'm not moving around, doing stuff, work related or home related.  Never.  The only time I get to relax is the occasional guitar strumming out back.  Although joining the tennis club a few months back has lit a fire, getting back into the "swing" of things you could say.

Tennis, Rubik's Cube, Programming.  Things I enjoy without having to think much.  Maybe blogging too.

So there you have it.  Thanks for reading~!