Big Storms a Comin'

Big storms a comin'.  Started preparing the house this am bright and early.  Just finished up around 6pm.  Bringing in all the stuff from outside, dug a ditch to the front yard from the back as water tends to accumulate.  Quite a day.

Pool clean, check!

Patio clean, check!

Trench dug, check!

Patio stuff brought in, check!

Car in garage, check!

I remember back in 1986, me and a tennis team mate rode out the storm.  And we had the half dozen storms around 2003 or 2004 back when I worked for the insurance company, got quite a lot of damage in the 3 county are Miami, Dade & Broward.

I believe this storm is heading our way.  Its going to be a big one.  Neighbor said the big issue are the trees.  I tend to agree.

Since we're not evacuation zone we decided to stay put.  We're about a mile from the Bay.  You have to respect Mother Nature.

They've been saying Tampa Bay is due for a big one.  Guess we'll find out shortly.

House is secure, food, water. Going to ride this storm out. To our Florida community and states to the North, we got this! Prayers.

Chloe ready, check!

Sammie ready, check!

Snoopy ready, check!

And so it goes~!