Have You Seen My Double

I've hired a double.  To take care of some tasks.  Like a timeshare.  I've got enough on my plate to last a while.  Figure I'd hire a double to take some of the load off.

Do you think people have doubles, they send out in public, while they're off doing something else.  They sort of look like the same person, perhaps they aren't.

I've assigned my double some menial tasks, errands, grunt work.  Figure better to outsource the boring stuff.  Should free up time to do some rewarding things.

Everyone should have a double person, to make appearances when you just don't feel like it.  And offload some of the chores.  Do you ever wonder if people in public positions hire doubles to do the same thing?

Okay my double, you appear in public, don't say anything, while I scoot off to a nearby planet or underground city, to get some R & R, be back soon.

Just need a wormhole or super space craft.  Anything's possible.

And so it goes~!


Top 22 Complaints by Number

Nobody likes complainers.  Why?  Because they complain too much.

You can not convince someone of the truth using pure logic.

Based on those two factors, I've devised a technique, to simplify.

And it can be yours, today, for the very low price for a dollar, two, ninety eight.  Plus tax. And shipping. And convenience fee.  This offer does not apply to residents of Puerto Rica and Virgin Islands.

I've created a numbering system to clarify my complaints.  Instead of going through the motions of reiterating every little thing, to people who don't give a hoot, I simply call out numbers.  Sort of like a verbal ouch from a non-physical pain.
  1. The phone rep really isn't interested in solving this problem.
  2. The phone rep transferred me to the wrong department.
  3. The phone rep disconnected the line.
  4. The manager taking care of the last issue is dumber than the phone rep.
  5. The bad service is because the person is tired.
  6. The bad service is because the person under employed.
  7. The bad service is because the person stayed up too late playing video games.
  8. The bad service is because the person is juggling 3 part time jobs with no benefits.
  9. The bad service is because the person can't afford the lawyer fees in order to file bankruptcy.
  10. The bad service is because the person doesn't like me.
  11. The bad service is because the person thinks I look like someone they don't like.
  12. The bad service is because the person isn't too bright.
  13. The bad service is because the person just realized they've made some bad choices in life.
  14. The bad service is because the person is late on the rent.
  15. The bad service is because the person is drunk.
  16. The bad service is because the person is sabotaging.
  17. The bad service is because the person is tired.
  18. The bad service is because the person dropped out the GED program, again.
  19. The bad service is because the person has health issues.
  20. The bad service is because the person doesn't know basic math.
  21. The bad service is because the person is a beauty school dropout.
  22. The bad service is because the person is a jerk.

I've got an abridged version I used from time to time.  The list continues to grow.  People say you shouldn't complain.  However, life seems to throw a lot of events that warrant complaints.  Since nobody cares and would prefer not to be bothered, feel free to interject a particular number or combination of numbers as needed.

Just shout them out loud.  You'll get if off your chest and feel much better afterword's.  Try it now.


See how easy that was.  Best of luck~!

As always thanks for reading~!


Is Ride Share Business Model a Fad or Here to Stay

Driving people from place to place, using your own vehicle has many positive aspects.

  • You become self employed.  Tax write offs.
  • You set your own hours.  Work any time you feel like it.  Day or night.
  • You get to meet interesting people.
  • You get to see the world, not behind a cubicle, but right in front of your eyes.
  • You can work part time or full time, you choose.
  • You get tips plus paycheck.
  • Revenue stream

There's a lot of freedom.

On the downside, you're car takes a real beating. 

  • Wrack up miles faster than one can image.
  • What does that do to the resale value.
  • What about frequent car repair.
  • Increases chance of auto wrecks, possible insurance increases.
  • No guarantee of riders.
  • What if your passenger takes you an hour away with no return fairs.
  • Increase competition as more drivers ready to pick up next ride.
  • Not sure if they get benefits, like days off, sick days, insurance, but I doubt it, freelancers.
I wonder what happens when the drivers require a new vehicle at the end of the year.  Wouldn't the cost of a new vehicle dip in to the profit stream worked so hard to get during the year.

Is ride sharing a good business model.  Definitely for the owners of the company.  Not much overhead, as they don't own the vehicles, the workers are not employees and the routes are selected via a derivative of machines learning and artificial intelligence.

Good model for the workers?  Perhaps.  Quick and easy revenue stream.  Just keep in mind, there are downstream hidden costs.

Will this model trickle into other segments of society?  Streamlined business model, keep the profits, place the burden of costs on the free-lanced workers.  If the goal in increased profits and decreased costs, seems like a no-brainer.

And there you have it~!

Get in the Flow

You can sit next to a flowing river or stream, watch the water flow by.  It doesn't care much for obstacles, just rushes right over, around or through.  The water flickers glimmer of sparks, a magical show indeed.

Our everyday lives are built on start, stop, wait, wait some more, wait.  There's no fluidity built into the system.  Hurry up and wait.  Red traffic lights one after another, on the road, supermarket, you name it.

When I was growing up, they said the communist had to wait in line for bread, hours every day.  We have to wait for everything.  I don't see the difference.

When life is flowing, constant movement, one event blended into another into another.  You can accomplish so much when things are flowing.

Some people are workers.  They want each task item mapped out, it sits and waits, until motivation kicks in, and the work is accomplished in sheer drudgery.  As if some force was preventing movement.  Those people apply same methodology to life.  If someone doesn't map out a specific plan, nothing gets done.

The other type of worker gets things done.  They don't wait for specific instructions, in fact, more times than not, they dive right in without much plan.  Once started, there's no stopping.  Flowing from task to task, getting ten times done than the average worker.  Flow is the key.

How does one get into the groove.  As soon as your feet touch the floor, you're moving.  From task to task.  Until bedtime.  There's never a time of "no-flow".  Unless you're stuck at a red light.  Or waiting in the supermarket, or what have you.  The biggest detriment to getting stuff done, is to sit and wait, ragged movement, never getting full steam ahead.

At work, do you ever have meetings.  Sometimes meetings last from 9am to 5pm.  How does one get work done when sitting in meetings all day.  Also, some meetings are staggered throughout the day.  Also, do you ever get interrupted at work.  People stop over chit chat, bathroom breaks, listening to the other 100 people residing on the floor, doors slamming, you name it.  There are more interruptions during a work day than you can imagine.  How does one get into the flow when the environment is designed to prevent flow?

It takes concentration.  A distant observation of things off in the distance, while remaining focused on the specific task at hand.  There's no sense of starting or stopping, just movement.  From one task to the next to the next.  You lose track of time.  Almost tunnel vision.

Some of the best musical performances I've seen, the musician was flowing in the zone.  Aware of the environment, yet lost in their world, as if nothing else mattered in the Universe.

One of my old bosses, said I put a lot of pressure to accomplish, even if I did the work of 5 people, that would be enough.  However, you have to have work stacked up, ready in the queue, to keep the flow moving.  If there're lulls, you lose the steam, the concentration, takes a lot of effort to get back.

In the world of IT or Data specifically, concentration is key to writing code, tracking down bugs, why don't the numbers add up.  How does one accomplish many difficult tasks, when start stop all day long.  Concentration, observation, flow.  Also, having the ability to juggle multiple thoughts simultaneously.

That's what I've observed over the years.  Flow, can be applied to work, sports, music life.

And so it goes~!


Universal Global Unique Identifier or U-GUID

The Universe is based on energy.  That energy aligns and clusters and disperses.  Similar to a swarm of bees.

We align and cluster ourselves.  Pick a favorite sports team, we align, unite, form a bond, have an agreed upon adversary.  Pick a Country.  State.  City.  Political Party.

We cluster and form an energy unit.  Aligned on beliefs and values.

Yet some of our cluster mates, may actually be antagonist in another cluster.  We may align with USA, but we like the Yankees and you like the Mets.  Another cluster may like the Mets, yet they are Republicans and Pro-Choice while you are Democrat and Pro-Union.

We partake in different overlapping clusters and form alliances accordingly so long as the group does not further cluster within the outer cluster.

Try for a minute, to remove all your Clusters.  No favorite team, political party, country, religion.  What have you.  

That's your true self, without the layer upon layer of aligned clusters.  Now that you've found the core, you have past memories and experiences that make you unique.

Now remove those.  At this point, how much different are you than anybody else?

Do you have a unique signature that defines you specifically, a Universal Global Unique Identifier or U-GUID?  If so, does that stay with you after you depart this planet?  Has your U-GUID been to other realities in other parts of the Universe?  Has it been to this planet prior and will it return, where does it go when it leaves?  Are there different levels of U-GUID's as far as Spiritual Growth.

Is the U-GUID your "soul"?  An energy field that never dies?  Simply transforms dimensions and realities and learns with each new life.  If so, how important is that new big screen plasma television or Ferrari, material pleasures or distractions from our true calling?

That's the question on the table.  Were we placed here on Earth at this point and time to further our evolutionary growth of Spirit, to experience physical reality in order to learn and grow?

And so it goes~!


Riding the Storm Out in Florida

We weathered Hurricane Irma with minimal impact.  We were fortunate to have power all day and night with constant flickering, along with internet connection.  The winds howled continually throughout the evening and picked up gust around 1am.  I stayed up until 3pm then went to bed.  When we awoke, went outside to assess damage.  Mostly downed branches and limbs.  The trench dug on the side of the house did its job and pushed the water out of the backyard.  And we brought in all the stuff from outside so no flying debris.

Then I raked up the leaves, went on the roof to rake some more, assembled a pile out front.



Had a chance to strum the guitar while the storm howled, riding the storm out around 1am on the back patio...(video quality ain't so great).  I basically finger pick the notes, with no song and no idea what next note will be at any point.  Just random strumming, using index and third finger and open strings mostly.



Hurricanes are part of living in Florida.  First direct hit since we moved here in 1982.  I hope everyone who stayed during the storm was safe and damage to property not too severe.

And so it goes~!


Sit and Wait

The Hurricane was heading towards Florida, they predicted an east Coast thing, so many of the residents were thinking, we're off the hook.  I was holding out as the storms have a mind of their own.  Sure enough, the thing turned heading directly towards us.  We heard stories of people driving north, grid traffic, arriving to destination with not much gas.  So we decided to ride it out.

I spent about 10 hours Saturday preparing the house.  Then I got a call from a friend, he left town in a camper, was in Texas when we spoke.  He said to get out.  By that time, it was really too late.

So we spent the day doing nothing much really, just waiting for the nasty weather to start.  And start it has.  Wind is howling, trees are shifting from side to side, been raining nonstop for hours.  Dogs are huddled together.  Lights have been flickering on and off for hours.  Internet keeps resetting.  At this point, we expect to lose power shortly, as the storm should arrive after midnight.

All we can do is sit and wait.  So that's what we'll do.  See you on the other side (of the storm) ~!

Mapping Attributes Across the Galaxy using Big Data

Let's say you had an IoT device.  It would contain a variety of information including latitude and longitude as two attributes that change over time.

Let's say you could record every location along with time, to give a complete record.

Let's take this a step further, and somehow embed a sensor IoT in every atom in our Galaxy.  We'd store the Id, Lat, Lon along with time stamp for every atom at every instance of time down to the microsecond.

Then we could use mapping technology to replay specific intervals in time.  That would pick up a handful of attributes, but what if we could store others.  And record in a big data repository.  Perhaps a Graph database to see how different atoms aligned or repelled with other Atoms, discover the secret to 'dark mass' in the Universe.

If anyone has free time and would like some extra credit, please feel free to begin this project.  It would be much appreciated.

And so it goes~!

Meetup with Other Selves in Alternate Parallel Universes

 Having some spare time waiting for the Hurricane Irma to make a presence, I organized a Meetup  with my other selves who reside in alternate parallel Universes.  We all met in a galaxy far far away, few of me were late as MapQuest not available in that sector of the galaxy.

We each introduced ourselves, how our lives progressed, and got to witness what our lives would have turned out had we made alternate decision at each point in our lives.  Some of me were very successful, others not so much.

We spoke of past lives, turns out some of me borrowed so much, they're still repaying back the loans.  It was a very enlightening experience to meet all of me at this point in time/space.  Really opens your mind to the ramifications of each decision in life.  Some good, some not so good, then amplified with each new decision.

It's sort of like the Theory of Fractals where each spot of physical space can be zoomed in, only to find new spaces where you zoom in again until infinity.  Same with decision making and it's exponential possibilities and such.

Regardless, based on discussion with my other selves from alternate parallel Universes, I'd have to say the segment strand I'm currently on, this could very well be Purgatory.

And so it goes~!

Purpose of Media

Television and media have multi purpose.

Entertainment  Low level sit-coms to babysit the masses.

Information Flow  Disseminate single source of the truth.  Watered down, filtered, altered and biased.

Revenue Stream Advertisers pay gobs of greenbacks to get their brand in front of your eyes and ears.  Seriously, who purchases items based on loud, flashy, obnoxious, half true blurbs.  Apparently just about everyone.

Create Culture When you have the attention of majority of population, you get to inject subtle hints of acceptable behavior.  You set the tone, define boundaries, within limits, you don't attack the people paying revenue stream, shoot yourself in the foot.

Anxiety If you catch yourself getting anxious after media binges, its not by accident.  Media structures its content to make you feel weak, tired, lethargic, anxious and perhaps depressed.  In that state, you aren't much of a threat, chances are you'll likely binge purchase to feel better.  News spews one bad segment after another after another after another.  Newspeak.

If you ever take over a country, first thing you get is control of their media.  Then their education system to educate the youngsters, as the adults are too old to learn new behaviors.  Loot their museums.  And their financial markets of course, start flowing your goods and services cha ching!

Let's march to victory~!

And there you have it~!

Credit Bureau Data Breech

The Equifax breech in my opinion is the grand daddy of them all data hacks.

When I approved loans for 4 or 5 years, Credit Bureau was the "main" way to asses if someone was credit worthy.

A 5 to 10 second glance at the report, we could determine if you drank champagne, beer or milk.  In other words, we could determine your character using the credit report.  And it works.

Back in the early 1990's, the main 3 were Equifax, TransUnion and TRW.

Now that hackers have this info, we're screwed basically.  They know every credit card, auto, home and unpaid student loans you've had, for the past 7 years.  They know if you pay your bills, they have your address info.  What more could they need.

Truly  this is a data hack of epic proportions.  The one thing I learned about approving loans, the ones who qualify best, don't need the loans.

And there you have it~!


Big Storms a Comin'

Big storms a comin'.  Started preparing the house this am bright and early.  Just finished up around 6pm.  Bringing in all the stuff from outside, dug a ditch to the front yard from the back as water tends to accumulate.  Quite a day.

Pool clean, check!

Patio clean, check!

Trench dug, check!

Patio stuff brought in, check!

Car in garage, check!

I remember back in 1986, me and a tennis team mate rode out the storm.  And we had the half dozen storms around 2003 or 2004 back when I worked for the insurance company, got quite a lot of damage in the 3 county are Miami, Dade & Broward.

I believe this storm is heading our way.  Its going to be a big one.  Neighbor said the big issue are the trees.  I tend to agree.

Since we're not evacuation zone we decided to stay put.  We're about a mile from the Bay.  You have to respect Mother Nature.

They've been saying Tampa Bay is due for a big one.  Guess we'll find out shortly.

House is secure, food, water. Going to ride this storm out. To our Florida community and states to the North, we got this! Prayers.

Chloe ready, check!

Sammie ready, check!

Snoopy ready, check!

And so it goes~!


Blog is Back

Welcome to Bloom Consulting BI blog, 2.0.

We shut the blog down for a spell, had to do some routine maintenance, spring cleaning, if you will.

And we're back, better than ever.  Or, maybe more of the same.

I started blogging perhaps 2003 or 2004, under SafetyHarborShaman site.  Was a classic ASP web app connected to an Access database in the cloud.  It got hacked, so I shut it down.

Started this one.  Been posting for many years, probably deleted hundreds of posts over the years.  Right now, site has approx 1200 posts.

I started the year out on the bench.  Working partial hours for a pharmaceutical company writing Tableau reports.  Then landed a project in Boston, for a major insurance company, writing reports in DBVisualizer against AWS Hive in Data Lake, and some Excel VBA.  My projects been extended a few times, got some additional resources added so we have a team now instead of flying solo.  And by flying, I traveled the first 8 weeks from Sunday to Friday, home on Saturday, back to back to back.  Then 4 weeks travel out of the next 8.  And travel has slowed a bit, although I've worked 40 hours every week minus few days PTO here and there.

When you work from home there's no division between personal life and work life.  And I've been hoofing it for sure on both ends.  Since 2015.  There's never a time that I'm not moving around, doing stuff, work related or home related.  Never.  The only time I get to relax is the occasional guitar strumming out back.  Although joining the tennis club a few months back has lit a fire, getting back into the "swing" of things you could say.

Tennis, Rubik's Cube, Programming.  Things I enjoy without having to think much.  Maybe blogging too.

So there you have it.  Thanks for reading~!

Have You Seen My Double