Bloom is no slouch either

I was a tennis player in High School.  Maybe not the greatest, but it kept me occupied for many years.

I was going through some old scrap books which my Mother assembled back when.


The articles mention my thumb injury, after losing a match I hit a ball over the fence, my coach made me go get the ball by hopping a 10 foot fence, my finger got caught at the top ripped it wide open.  By that time my tennis career was winding down and after District and Regionals, I hung up my racquets for good.

Overall I played #1 spot in High School in 10th, 11th and 12th grade both Singles and Doubles.  And practiced with the best Juniors in Tampa after school, some went on to the Pros, others played in College, good group of people.  My doubles partner went on to become head coach at Indiana not too shabby!

One article in the picture above mentions me and Jim Courier (top professional in the world) along with Kevin Gordon who went on to Harvard full ride and Matt Hewitt played for school in Auburn, I watched him play a match at Florida, courts were right across the street from my fraternity, and then on to the Pros, the article said "and Bloom is no slouch either".

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