Life Requires Big Decisions

If you knew me growing up, you'd wonder why I didn't talk much.  And why I floated through school invisible.  Yet when I got on the tennis courts, I got to be who I was and not who I was told to be.

Yes, I solved the Rubik's cube in the 5th grade.  And began programming at age 13.  And yes I majored in Anthropology in college.  And yes I worked temp jobs after college to earn money, before my first "job".

And yes, I'm basically self taught programmer for 20 years.  When I was contacted by a large social media company a few years back, I didn't move forward with the technical interview, because we had no plans moving to Silicon Valley.

When I was contacted more recently by another big tech company to interview in Seattle, I had to decline as well.  Just not in a position to relocate at this point in time.

Would it be the coolest thing to work at a leading tech company working on cutting edge technology for a living, you betcha.  I've walked away from much bigger dreams in the past and had to deal with it.  These are minor comparatively.

You are not required to grow up, but sometimes you have to make decisions that affect you, and then live with the downstream consequences, and that is life.

Some decisions haunt you for decades, others you forget.  In the end, tomorrow is a new day.  That's all we can ask for.

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