Guilty Until Proven Innocent

We prefer to think that a developer has some cushion in regards to accountability.  Where a person gathers some report specifications, writes some SQL, validates, throws into Production.  He is awarded the highest rank, hoisted upon the shoulders and paraded around the office to receive accolades.  Wake up, dream's over.

In reality, the report writer is perhaps thrown into the deep end, learns the business, process', database on the fly perhaps without assistance or data dictionary.  He or she may struggle to assemble a report with or without the help from business, present to the business, bam!  Prime sucker ready for picking.

This report doesn't match.  Fix it!  We're waiting.  Guilty until proven innocent.

Turns out the root cause of the inaccurate report is that it doesn't match an existing report, causing someone else to look bad.  Or perhaps is uncovers a missing business rule, another land mine.  Or perhaps the business logic requires new features added upstream.  The report writer is sometimes a pawn for political maneuvering.  Perhaps the data required is unavailable or the DBA's refuse to provide access.  A series of possibilities.  The Report Writer takes it from every side. 

And they must prove without a shadow of a doubt, that the report presented in accurate, regardless of roadblocks, setbacks, lack of information or assistance.

I've been writing reports since the early 1990's.  Tons of people flocked to new found profession.  Root job description hasn't changed much.  Nobody trusts the reports.  And they never match.  And they always have a few more reports to work on.

And so it goes~!

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