Duality is a Myth

Duality.  Left brain, right brain.  Creativity or logic.  One or the other.

Don’t let your kids grow up to artists, musicians, they’ll starve to death.  Better off with practical skills you can depend on, which have value and marketable.

I played violin from an early age.  Scales, repetition, memorize, perform, repeat.  I attended art class in school, my grandmother still has a picture hanging in her apartment of the Golden Gate Bridge from 1986.  I like to take pictures, write poetry, stories.  All in the genre of creativity.

I enjoy solving problems, ones that involve logic, look for the needle in the haystack, uncover layers of an onion until the solution appears, as if waiting patiently.  I look for patterns in everyday life, observant to the minute which people disregard.

If you look closely, art and logic aren’t much different.  In fact, they overlap.  There’s creativity in solving problems and there’s structure in art and music.  Separated by semantics.

Sometimes when working on a problem for a while, you step away, and for some reason, the solution appears like a lightning bolt from nowhere.  Giving the brain a break allows the underlying intuition to get busy and somehow find the solution without effort.

Sports are a hybrid of art and logic.  You practice the foundation skills, repetitive, until perform without thinking.  During play, your instincts take over, intuition plus logic results in creative output, in the zone, on fire, unbeatable.

Perhaps that’s the real goal, finding your unconscious intuition to perform at peak levels, regardless if it’s a musical instrument, sporting event, complex logic problem.  I tend to joke that it’s fun to gather steam, so much, that you can coast uphill, float into the stratosphere, where no boundaries exist.  Where there no rules, just fun.  The peak moments, rare occurrences that dissolve when you try to capture.  The moments where gravity doesn’t exist.

Perhaps today, for no particular reason, your thoughts will become energy through action.  It could be the best day of your life.

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