Cookie Cutter Patterns to Programming, Writing and Life

I know this one guy, he can hit the golf ball farther than anyone I've ever met.  I real treat to watch the ball fly endlessly into the fairway.  Only downside, the guy can't hit from the fairway, sand trap or the green.

In order to perform at maximum efficiency, he has to tee up the ball in the fairway, set it up nice and high, haul off and bam!

I've seen programmers like this also.  In order for the to work at their best, they have to position all environment conditions to their liking.  Whether that's working in isolation, taking specific tasks they excel at and dishing off non preferred tasks to others, aligning with management to ensure specific assignments, etc.  So long as the task aligns with their strength, they are awesome.

Except if they are given something to do they are not familiar with or haven't worked with before.  Or troubleshooting an unknown.  Good luck.

I've seen writers like this too.  Doesn't matter the introduction subject matter, they always end up aligning with their cookie cutter format.  If they excel at steps A, B, C, D, and E, doesn't matter where they start.  At some point in the story, they steer it towards A, B, C, D and E, Bam!

The true mysteries of life, the opportunities to grow, are when we dabble off the beaten track, steer away from our comfort zone, and into the unknown.  It is the deep end we must find ourselves, for it is there, that we are challenged to become better, smarter people.  And that is truly the goal of life.

And so it goes~!

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