Before I became someone else

I played tennis today, it was a lot of fun.  We both grew up in this area, both played tennis and soccer as kids, even went to the same college.  Although we didn't know each other back then.  My boss from a few years ago.

There's nothing else like it.  Running around on the clay courts, cool breeze, nice sky, bit windy, hitting the ball, running around like a fool chasing down every ball, rally until there's no energy left and keep pushing further.

I grew up on the tennis courts.  Back when I had tunnel vision and nothing else existed.  Tennis was my identity, I had no plans on growing up, entering the workforce, getting a job.  That is who I was before I became someone else.

I threw away all the trophies and ribbons and plaques.  Nothing to remind of the past.

Except when I get back on the courts.  That's who I am.  And nothing else matters.

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