4 Myths

Let's cut to the chase.  Let's look at a few basic concepts that could change your perspective on life.

First, GPA's in school don't matter.  In life, can you do the work, great.  If not, they'll probably find out soon enough.  Don't try for perfect grades, it's not necessary.

Next, retirement.  Sure, great concept for our parents generation to spur the economy after WWII, but it doesn't really "work" now a days.  Let's say none of us will actually retire.  We'll just keep working forever.  With that said, why worry about saving x $ per month to enjoy retirement.  More like the pasture, where people who've built their entire personality on their specific job role, to wake up and realize they have to fill the time without the backing of reputation and authority garnered by humble employees.  Don't save for retirement, just getting others rich with advice and fees, and by the way, most investments can lose 100+ percent.

Also, posting opinions on social media, how's that working.  You think the unique post is going to change people's minds.  They've already formed their opinion.  Combine them both, won't buy a cup of coffee.  If people sought your opinion, perhaps they would ask, what's the rational behind your viewpoint, that's interesting, I hadn't thought of that.  Guess what, a lot of things are making a lot of people unhappy.  Can you change it?  Yes?  Then make the change.  If not, there's plenty of safety in disgruntled apathy.

Unicorn dreams.  How many kids want to grow up and become ballerinas or marine biologist.  How many people do you know who occupy that position today.  Might as well strive to become Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.  I heard there may be an opening for tooth fairy, must have experience though.  And it's part time .  How many people dream of getting a mediocre job where they can't stand anything about it, yet need the paycheck or insurance.  I think my guidance counselor, if I had one actually, I don't think so, said you'll make a good dishwasher maybe.  I probably could have been, just need to focus and apply talents, anything's possible.

 Lastly, our great great grandparent had messy houses.  Dust everywhere, ring around the collars, you name it.  When did we declare that a spotless home is desirable and shows the signs of impeccability.  I don't know how to break the news, but life is messy.  No commercial promising new product to clean up the world exists long term.  Houses and cars get dirty.  So do lives.  That's the way it works.

So hopefully we can move forward with our lives with the knowledge presented.

And there you have it~!

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