USL Soccer in Tampa Bay - the Rowdies

I was real surprised my wife wanted to go see a soccer match.  Turns out, the Tampa Bay Rowdies are the team to see.  We went to a game last season, descent seats, and had a really good time.  The team supports family atmosphere, the stadium is really cool as it faces the marina, and the players are talented.

One game, we saw Joe Cole do an upside down backwards bicycle kick.  That was an amazing kick which doesn't happen very often. 

One game we headed down to the midline seats to see what they looked like and one of the executives saw us walking there and got one of the employees to give us a tour.  They let us sit in the fancier seats and when we called the following week, we upgraded our seats to the Midfield.

We attended every game last year and it was really a lot of fun for both of us.

We went to a game at USF last year which was a lot of fun.  We went to the Florida Cup, got to see some amazing international players.  This year, we went to the pre-season matches, one of which was held at University of Tampa.  We attended the fan appreciate party and got to meet a lot of the players.  This season the team started off with a bang and won their first two matches in a new division called the USL.

Explosive offence, solid defense, fast players, lots of shots on goal and all around hustle.  I'd have to say they look impressive.

The thing is, before I got into tennis I played soccer up north for the Town of Poughkeepsie traveling team.  We went to a lot of different cities playing tournaments and such.  You had to try out for the team and it was a lot of fun.  If I didn't have to have hernia surgery in 7th grade, I would have played on the school team.  Only played a year of soccer in Florida, but I did attend a game or two at the old Tampa Bay sombrero stadium when the original Rowdies played in Tampa.

Looking forward to a great season and quality time with the Mrs.

The Rowdies are, a Kick in the Grass!

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