Thanks Boston, see you soon

Well tomorrow wraps up an 8 week project in Boston. I've traveled back and forth for 8 consecutive weeks.  From my driveway, Uber, to airport, to layover, to Boston Logan, to Uber to AirBnB, on Sunday's.  Flights were mostly 7am which leaves a bunch of time on Sunday to putter around the city, eat some great food, get ready for Monday.

I typically pack up mid day Friday, Uber to airport to layover to Tampa to Uber to home, getting in close to Midnight.  Hang out with the Wife, Pups and chores Saturday, back on Sunday.  I did stay over 2 weekends and stayed at an actual hotel 2 weeks, not AirBnB.  Travel time ranges 7 to 9 hours, plus the 40 billable hours and admin time, averaging 56 hours per week.

What did I do on the project?  Well, I created reports in DBVisualizer, against AWS Data Lake Hive tables.  Luckily I have a ton of Insurance knowledge at the business and data level as I use to balance the books for an Insurance company for 4 years.  Written Premium, Earned Premium, Inforce, Claims, Commissions, Tax reports.  And I got to work with a great team of report writers.

So what's next?  Well, they extended the contract 8 more weeks.  I plan to work from home next week as I have to take care of some things.  Will continue to write reports remotely and Skype for Business.  And then travel back to Boston.  And have a scheduled vacation in a few weeks.  Sure will be nice to hang out with the dogs, catch up on some stuff and spend time with the Mrs.  I'm a bit tired.

Thanks Boston, see you soon~!

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