Keep on Blogging

Blogging is fun.  If it weren't, I wouldn't blog.

Some topics are related to technology.  As it's basically a technical blog.

Some blogs are a bit out there.  As you may be aware.

I've been here almost half a century.  If you view the career / life timeline, it's a stead and steep incline for the past 26 years.  Things have only gotten better.

Do you actually think my view points in life, obscure and outlandish they may be, have any impact on the ability to get work done, fast and accurate, learn on the fly?

In fact, the stories illustrate a variety of life skills: the ability to think outside the box; attention to details; observation skills; storytelling; abstract thought; critical thinking; ability to weave desperate stories into a cohesive whole; variety of interest; life experiences; knowledge of variety of subjects; cutting edge technology; continuous learning, discipline.

Should I be concerned that the story topics are read by clients and workers, I don't think so.

Perhaps we should be more concerned with those who have no social media presence, who could care less about continuous learning, narrow minded, lazy.

For those who don't understand this style of writing, feel free to read elsewhere.  For those who enjoy the topics, thanks for reading.  Either way, I'll probably continue to blog as I still enjoy it.

And there you have it~!

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