Humming Along in Boston

Flying home today, completion of week #7 on latest project.  Working for an insurance company in downtown Boston.  Used frequent flyer points to have my wife stay with me for a week, which was a nice treat.

Boston is such a vibrant town, from Red Sox, to American History, bus tours, restaurants, we had a great time.  Since my wife grew up in these parts, she was able to visit longtime friends and family.  We should arrive home around midnight, some chores, quick Rowdies soccer game, and back at the airport for 6:40am flight Sunday.  And see the pupperonies!

I'm enjoying this project, basically writing SQL statements against AWS Data Lake Hive tables.  One interesting thing, I worked for an insurance company a while back, balanced the books for two Insurance companies, so I learned the business inside and out.  What's interesting is the current project utilizes the same lingo, so having that deep industry knowledge helps.  And many of the reports are similar, Claims, Coverages, Written vs Earned Premium, Commissions.

I've lived in Florida since about 1982 and worked there since about 1996.  It sure is refreshing to get new experience in other regions with other clients and other technologies.

A breath of fresh air~!

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