First Crystal Reports Job

After I got into IT full time, I soon left for greener pastures.  I found a job doing Crystal Reports full time.  This was 1998 or so, when nobody was doing reporting for a living.  I got hired to work for a small company.  First day on the job, boss pulls me into his office, closes the door.  I have to tell you, we are being purchased by a big company, couldn’t tell you during the interview process.  Who?  Kronos.
So I was soon writing Crystal Reports for hospitals across the country.  Timekeeping reports.  Tons of reports queued up, some modifications, enhancements.  We had account reps that went out to the hospitals, took care of their Oracle instances, etc. and loaded my reports.  It was a cool job.  I worked with a c++ programmer and a guy that wrote documentation, we were definitely unique bunch of programmers to say the least, with a “different” sense of humor that only we got.  Finally people I could relate too.
The boss asked if I could write a small application in Visual Basic 4 at the time.  It basically kept track of Bugs, a bug Tracker.  The best part, VB had a cool install package wizard and I added that so internal people could load on the machines, that went over well.  Although there were bugs for the bug tracker also.
I wanted to do more programming and not just reports, but they said I should take a COBOL class, with that I found a new job.
And that’s the story of working with Crystal Reports way before people saw the value of data and flooded the market with people and products and experts.  I still like writing reports, it’s an acquired taste perhaps.  Swimming in the numbers trying to get them to match.  A puzzle every single day of work.
And there you have it~!

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