9 Things to a Happier Life

Get rid of cable.  First of all, it ain't cheap.  Second, it turns the mind to mush.  Third, think of all the better things you could be doing.  Get a part time job, read a book, walk in nature, fix the house, anything is better.

Get rid of your land line.  With all the negative aspects to smart phones, they really do assist in your day to day activities.  Of course you can talk on them, get voicemail, read emails, find directions, etc.  I don't know how we existed without them.  Why would you need a land line, other than to host a fax machine.  And get rid of you musket and covered wagons too.

Outsource the stuff you don't want to do.  Sure it may costs money, if you can free up your time to do things you enjoy, it's worth it.

Do the stuff you've been putting off.  Nobody's getting younger.  There's only so much time.  People get health issues.  Fact of life.  Don't wait until the end, there won't be time.

Enjoy the ride.  Life is a marathon.  There is no imaginary place off in the future, where everything magically becomes great.  That theme generates just about every marketing effort since the beginning of time.  That illusion will cost you.  Life may not be perfect, but it's all we have.  You don't have to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the treasures of life in the small details of everyday living.

These are the good old days.  Guess what, taxes will probably go up for the rest of our lives.  Aches and pains become more frequent.  People will not always be around.  Life has been a struggle going back to the days in the jungle.  Life is what it is.  It will never be perfect.  Best enjoy life and be thankful for what you have.  You may not always have it.

Do nice things.  It's easy to turn a blind eye.  Throw that rubbish on street.  Cut someone off in traffic.  Doesn't take much skill or effort to be self absorbed.  Give someone a compliment.  Do more than what's asked.  Show up early, stay late.  The world could use some kindness.

Get a dog.  Dogs are God's present to mankind.  They are loyal, caring and furry.  We grew up with cats.  Cats are great, but they aren't dogs.  Dogs are tremendous.  We have 3 spoiled dogs.

Get rid of fear.  Some people say there are only two forces in the Universe, Love and Fear.  Fear is a lower vibration.  We find it everywhere.  Television, news, you name it.  People are afraid of just about everything, including fear itself.  Fear is mostly an illusion.  Except when you get that feeling that a tiger is about to eat you while drinking from the watering hole.  That fear is real.  It's the false fear that weighs us down.  And turns us into not so nice people.  Fear keeps people afraid.  When people are afraid, they become docile and make you old before your time.  Stay young.  Don't fear fear.  Just an illusion.

And there you have it~!