Been Programming for 33 Years

The black and white television, we used it to play pong.  Our first video game.  Lite Brite.  Slinky.  Next, Atari.  A friend down the block had Intellivision.  We had the hand held electronic games, head to head football, soccer and a basketball game.  And a memory game called Simon.  And the Rubik's Cube.
After moving to Florida, we had the first IBM PC.  Dual Floppy Drives, color monitor, 1200 baud modem, Epson Printer.  No hard drive.  Or mouse.  Took a class in 9th grade, taught us on the TRS-80.  Had to bring a floppy disk from home.  We had local Bulletin Boards or BBS to dial into.  I'd connect, download some games, chat with the SysOp, find more numbers to call.
Also took typing class that year, on those old typewriters, had to slam the keys.  Click.  Click.  High School, had another computer class.  Teacher had a few favorites, I sat in the back, kids copied off me.
College, Fortran for Business class on the VAX.  In 1994, took a class in Atlanta, on Paradox, Quatro Pro and Word Perfect.  Applied to a college to get another degree, but company was downsizing and I relocated to Florida.  Next year, C++ class at the Junior college.  The professor hooked me up with his associate, to work part time after hours doing Visual Basic.  That's when I got hired in the IT department.  Around 1996.
Just as I got into IT, I was offered to move back to Atlanta work for a Mortgage company, more money, paid relocation.  I clearly remember, driving down to Sarasota with my buddy from the Gator Club, went to Siesta Key Beach.  That day I decided to stick with IT, declined the job offer in Atlanta.

I could have stayed in Credit / Banking / Mortgage Broker, as the market took off until the Housing Bubble popped.

I took time off in 2001, worked on some Archaeological digs.  And sabbatical in 2005 to teach tennis.

It's sort of good I learned computers at an early age.  As my Anthropology degree didn't open too many doors.  When you think about it, I've been typing on a computer since about 1983 or 1984, my memory is fuzzy that far back.  Dos was first operating system, Basic(a) was first programming language.

10: Print "Hello world"
20: Goto 10

There have been a few changes in 33+ years.  I've still got a decade or two left to go.  Wonder what changes await.