So Much to Know to Become Expert

What are your strongest skills?
Are you an expert in a specific language or technology?  Are you known for deep knowledge in a specific topic?
Or do you know a variety of technologies, skills and platforms.
When I started out, my skills revolved around 3 things: databases, code and reports.  And that hasn't changed much over the years.
Working as a programmer, you typically connect to a database.  And there are typically reports involved.  That was true for me in Visual Basic, ASP, .net and Java.
At some point, I made the leap into mostly data.  And mostly Microsoft stack.  Although we don't always pick and choose our platform or vendor. 

Hadoop requires Linux skills and knowledge of dozens of sub-projects. 

Cloud requires knowledge of multiple Vendor offerings like Azure, AWS, IBM, Google, etc.

Database you have to know Oracle or MySQL or others.

No-SQL database have a bunch of offerings.

Reporting requires Tableau, Actuate, PowerBI, Sisense, and a couple dozen others.

Programming has other languages besides c#, like PhP, Java, c++, Perl, Lisp and dozen others.

Then there're specific frameworks within each language like Struts or Angular.

Machine Learning requires different tools and skillsets like building models, feeding and training models.

And Statistical analytics requires different skills sets including complex math and stat skills, vendors and languages including Mat Lab or SAS or R or Python or SPSS.

And then there're different IDE's.  And plug-ins.  And required installs with correct versions.  And 3rd party tools.

And of course there's Domain knowledge.  Are you an expert in Healthcare or Finance or Education?

What about source control.  Or IP configuration?  Or Kerberos Active Directory?  Or Project Management styles like Waterfall or Agile?  Or Incident, Problem ticket processing systems like ITIL.  Or Hippa or PCI requirements.  Documentation.  Code releases.  Spec gathering.  Diagrams.  Power Point.  Presentation skills.  Email skills.  Time management skills.  Architecture.  Integration.  Permissions.  Mentoring.  Training.  Onboarding.

How can anyone be an expert in everything?
Even if we specialize in a specific technology segment, such as "Data", there's so much to know.

Wouldn't you agree?