Digital World Acquisitions are the Name of the Game

If one wishes to become a leader, it's important to have a good business model. Besides that, it's important to have deep pockets.

By having deep pockets, you can acquire other established business' that are dominant in their niche.

You probably read that IBM purchased the Weather Channel and all their technology.  Not a bad resource to have, maybe feed all those data points for the past x years into Watson, mighty powerful.

And how about Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn.  Now, one company owns your resume, mine, and about every working person on the planet.  Not a bad acquisition.
Sometimes they purchase the org's for their assets.  Like the worlds weather data points, resumes, etc.  But they are also purchasing the programmers that come along with it.  

Like in the world of Artificial Intelligence.  Very bright people, real world experience, hard to find resources.  Just purchase the company, get the programmers as bonus.

In the digital world, you can create things out of thin air, without a full workforce, fleet of cars, etc. like Uber.  Basically a software algorithm company.  You no longer have to build widgets in a factory, distribute them to re-sellers or malls, with each person in the chain taking a piece of the profit, depending mostly on volume and repeat customers.

The digital world is creating tons of new jobs, new sectors, new markets.  And those who have the ability to adapt and change, think critically, take calculated risks, have the chance to build something new, get acquired, and drink margaritas on the beach for a while. 

And there you have it~!