Tampa Bay Rowdies are a Kick in the Grass

In other news, the wife and I purchased season tickets to the Tampa Bay Rowdies home games.

Last night we attended out second game.  The seats are directly behind the goal, nice seat backs and easy access.

The second goal of the evening last night was in direct view and we got to see it, was amazing.

The thing about soccer, most of the time, the ball is moving around, direct passes to teammates, moving the ball downfield to develop the shot on goal.

In reality, the real action is when something unexpected develops and the spark of genius happens without thought, boom, bam, goal!

During each game, they have a section of dedicated fans, "Ralphs-Mob" who cheer, sing songs and bang drums.   It shows their dedication and its fun to listen.

Before I made the switch to tennis, I was a soccer player.  Played on the Town of Poughkeepsie travel club in New York, before moving to Florida.  Also saw a few Rowdies games in Tampa in the 1980's back when the stadium was a sombrero.

Soccer is a fantastic sport.  Glad we can see games here in Tampa Bay.  The team is great and it's a nice event for the wife and I to get out and enjoy an action packed professional game.

The Rowdies are a kick in the grass!  

Go Rowdies~!