Who Do People Blog?

Blogging is the art of producing content to a desiring reader base.

Posting articles allows a writer to document and distribute information across the planet.

Some bloggers write for business or organization and get justly compensated.

Some people have advertising on their sites, newsletters to a subscribe audience or paid content for members.

Others do it for fun, entertainment, catharsis, fill time, become known in a particular niche industry.

Blogging is quite east to get started, very difficult to keep going.

I've heard more times than I can count, why would someone write content for free?

It's about building brand reputation.  To disseminate ideas and thoughts.  To hopefully help somebody solve a problem or learn something new.

Are bloggers cutting into mass media market?  You betcha.  Traditional newspapers and magazines and television are competing for viewers time and attention.

You've basically got 5 to 15 seconds to grad the readers attention.  Will they read the entire article, click on other links, who knows.

You've got to draw the reader in, provide the meat of the content, and they're out a here.  It's just the way it works.

The world's a busy place.  Lots to see and do.  Provide something of value to the audience.

It's a lot different than producing music for example.  A singer songwriter does not produce new material on a daily basis for consumption.  Perhaps a record every once and a while, and re-hash existing material for decades.

Could you imagine a blogger with 10 articles that simply reposts the same 10 articles day after day.

Blogging is about producing fresh content daily, or week, monthly.

It takes a lot of constant thought, being observant and having the space and rituals to get the content onto the blog post.

It can be quite exhausting at times, and there's definitely a need to scale back from time to time, even stop for a while.

Why do people blog?  Maybe it's cheaper than therapy.