Start an Online Business on a Shoe String Budget and No Full Time Staff

Let's say you  wanted to start a business.  You have an idea, which you'd like to bring to market.

Perhaps you'd like to create a site that allows people to loan out their dogs for durations of time.

You log onto a web hosting site, secure a domain, www.rentadog.com.

Next, you place project ads on one of the rent-a-coder sites.  Within a day, you have several bids, from qualified developers.

One project to create graphics.  Another project to create the database,  And another to build the web site front end.

You choose one, establish a rate and timelines and they're off and running.

Time is a premium, so you hire an online office assistant to keep track of emails, developers, prospective clients, etc.

Perhaps you have an attorney to review legal matters surrounding the site so you meet with them.

And perhaps an accountant for tax planning and such.

And a banker to assist with business checking accounts.

And maybe an SEO marketing expert to market your site.

Within a short time, you website is operational an you're in business.

With no full time employees.  Hired labor.  On demand.  Even renting the hosting site.  The only thing you really own is the domain name and the source code.

There's no office or company assets.  A virtual business on a shoestring budget.

If it goes belly up, there's really not much downside other than time spent, some initial cash to pay for services.

On the upside, your site could really grow, scale and become the next best thing.  You get backing from investors, media coverage and perhaps sell your startup to a mega company looking to expand into your market.

That's where the potential money is.  Some risk, some reward.

That's how the little guy can compete with the behemoths.

And that's where Capitalism still exists today.