Lost Intelligence

I was researching the history of mankind, and for some reason, the history just stops at some mysterious point.  No written documents.  A dead end.

Who painted the murals in cave walls in France?  Who knows.

How were the pyramids constructed with such precision?  Who knows.

How were crystal skulls carved out with such precision?  Who knows.

How did humanity spring forth from hunter gather society?  Who knows.

How was the Mayan calendar derived if the world was flat and aborigines were illiterate?  Who knows.

Why are there similar ancient buildings across the globe when North America wasn't populated before 12,000 years ago?  Who knows.

How does the movement of the stars allow Astrologers to predict the future?  Who knows.

These are very silly questions.  Surely you should be focusing on what's on television tonight or what flavor beer to consume this weekend.

We don't really ask such questions.

The one common thread that ties everything together is that there must have existed a higher  intelligence at one time in our history.  And that knowledge was lost.

Is there a group of people that have access to this hidden knowledge?  Who knows.

Are there aliens in the Universe?  Who knows.

Is there an alien base on the back side of the moon?  Who knows.

Did Mars once host a society, before the atmosphere got cooked?  Who knows.

Was the history of  mankind purposely concealed and re-written?  Who knows.

Is technology being release and integrated into society in bite size chunks over time?  Who knows.

Perhaps our view of reality is actually a massive deception of lies and organized delusions.

So go back to sleep, don't think about these topics.  They are just silly.

What's on television tonight anyway, I could use a few beers.