Where is Technology Heading - Global Digital Fortress

I watched the Microsoft World Partner Conference yesterday.  Although I watched online, the event was held here in Orlando, Florida.


One of the more interesting things I got from the intro was that every company is now a technology company.  In that each company has a digital footprint on the web, they use technology to run the business and store data in a database.

This is good news for us in technology.  It used to be that we had some business, that did something, which happened to have an IT department, who happened to need reports.

Now every company needs reports.  Every company everywhere.

So to say that specific locations have grown their technology is probably true.  But then again, so has every other location.  The pie has gotten bigger.

You've probably heard the saying that rain is good for umbrella salesmen.  So technology is good for IT people.  No complaints here.

There still seems to be a stigma attached to IT, that everyone is a geek.  Probably the reason the STEM program is such a hard sell.

I see the gap widening between the number of available tech jobs and the number of qualified applicants.  Surely there's going to be a drought in the coming years, as the baby boomers retire and many of us long time programmers are entering the later stages of career.

One thing of concern, is the number of available tool sets we are required to learn is beyond staggering.  It seems every week there's a new tool announced that we need to learn.  I suppose its only natural that the speed of new technology is following the Moore's rule in that tech will double every few years.

Our society is becoming a fortress of technology where everything and everybody is connected.  And we all create a digital footprint.  Which is trackable in real time and stored indefinitely.  And this invisible force field is sort of creating a world where there are no more secrets.  Which is probably good for those running the show for obvious reasons.  Having wireless connection anywhere combined with the Internet of Things IoT means total surveillance, for better or worse.

Which brings up a major concern.  Data Security.  We are getting hammered by digital breaches.  Bottom line, if you or your device is connected to the internet, it's exposed for a security breach.  It's a fact of life.  Everything is penetrable.  And this is a direct conflict to opening up all the world to electronic devices.  There's no escape.

In the name of progress, technology is spreading across the globe.  At the same, it's building an electronic fortress to watch our every move.  We are building our own invisible cages without realizing it.