Welcome to the new Feudal System

Technology is dumbing  us down.

Today's generation has never  known a world without the internet.  Or connected devices.  Or mobile apps.

When I was growing up, we played outside for hours on end.  Nobody knew where we were or what we were doing.  If supper was ready, we heard our mother's voice bellow through the neighborhood, "supper's ready" and we'd come a running.  Old fashion instant messaging.

We had to look things up in the dictionary.  And the encyclopedia.  And check books out of the library.  Today's generation probably doesn't know what a set of encyclopedia's look like, or a complete volume of National Geographic.

We had 13 channels on the television.  And we were constantly told to back up don't sit so close to the television. Now we walk around with mobile devices strapped to our belts, infusing all that lovely electronic radiation.  Sometimes my leg tingles before the phone starts ringing, even if the phone's in the other room.  And we sit in front of dual monitors all day every day, staring at the pixels.  Who  knows what affect that has on our body's.

And being connected 24/7 with very little downtime.  Sleep deprivation perhaps?

We've created a giant living being, of collected unconciousness, the noise of packets sent through across the globe.

We are becoming subdivided within our own cocoons.  Plugged into this great monsterous invisible thing,  heads down, focused, disconnected from our fellow man.

Connected yet disconnected.

Freedom to say what we like.  With consequences lasting forever. Now that we store everything, political correctness overshadows the liberating experience of being yourself.  What if  your parents saw things you posted online, or your boss, or your customers, or the gov't.  It's never too late too keep your mouth shut, one of  the golden rules.

I fee bad for the kids of today, being monitored on every metric.  Constantly appraised and evaluated.  You better do  well in 1st grade, as this will be part of your permanent record, don't you want to get into a good college?  But I'm 8 years old, when do I get to be a kid?  A robbed childhood.  Tiny adults preparing for a life of conformity.

I see more kids being home schooled.  Not sure of the details of how it works, but some of these kids are advancing way faster than kids in the public schools.  Because they have the freedom to be themselves, learn at their own pace, explore their curiosity, not bound by social pressures which cripple the youth.

If I were growing up today, I'd like to be home school or charter schooled, smaller classrooms, personal attention.  Charters receive public funding for the basics.  And then make money on privatizing education, but I think it's an option for today's world.

When I worked at the school board, we were constantly bombarded by the charter schools, they were syphening all the free resources, taking the time and attention away from the public teachers dependent on the system of reduced budgets.  And they were recruiting the brighter kids, to raise their charter school scores, and letting the less bright and troubled kids remain in public education system, bringing down the grades for the public schools.

What surprised me was how many students were attending college level classes in high school, gaining credits for college without paying.  College has gotten rediculously expensive and preparing it's graduates for a life of heavy debt right out of the gate in  student loans.

Anyway, we are each building our personalized mini cocoons, insulated by technology.  Yet sacrificing many of the basics the older generation learned years ago.  The digital community is replacing the face to face community. This division is loosening the glue of the fabric which holds humanity together.

As people drift through the motions of life, devoid of any real emotions, there's a  feeling of disconnect with fellow brothers and sisters right in front of us.  People are less trusting and perhaps unwilling to help others as they fortify their positions in life.

While technology brings the world together, it's also breaking apart community.  Our worlds are becoming virtual.

In 20 years, with all the efforts to reduce cost and increase profits, the number of people with quality jobs may decrease.  And with the loss of jobs, comes loss of income.  And with less income, less purchasing.  Causing less profits for business.  Causing them to  reduce staff further and invest in increased automation,  A spiraling effect resulting in fewer workers.  With less qualified workers to support the widening gap in technology.

What will people do for a living in 20 years?  Will the workforce abolish corporate headquarters?  Creating an on-demand staff, pulling in skilled workers from around the world, to perform micro tasks at hourly wages. Those with skills in demand could potentially do quite well.  Those without skills, who knows.

How would people find upward mobility?  Will the concept of retirement go away?  Are we at the tipping point of a new workforce society? Will the need for unlimited profit and reduced costs break the system and disenfranchise a good portion of the workforce?

A good possibility.  There is no existing enforceable contracts stating that people are entitled to a good paying job.  We could be repeating the Feudal System of traveling surfs, working the technology farms to harvest the crops. Dependent on the overlords for sustainable work.


I guess we'll know in time.