Improve Microsoft Web Server IIS (Rant)

I was thinking yesterday.  So much emphasis on new programming languages.  New data structures and models and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

And connected devices and fluid user experience and visualization and data mining and on and on.

Why has nobody looked at improving the web server.  As in IIS on the Microsoft side.

I was looking at IIS yesterday, and sure it's got better visualization than the version from 2001, but not much.

Why doesn't someone invest some time and effort into improving this product.  Make it so it works with legacy code.  But add some real improvements.  Not just cleaning up memory leaks or whatever.

Redesign the thing to allow programming languages to expand their functionality to seamlessly integrate into apps.  Make it the central hub for communication perhaps.  Improve the multi threading.  Multiple IIS on one server.

Perhaps multiple streams, one for handling requests and one for rendering pages.  One to handle html, one for Javascript, one for CSS, one for dynamic code, one to process the data flow, one to handle REST API, or non web applications like Windows Services or Client Server apps.

It doesn't look like many drastic changes have happened for this app.  But every website runs on IIS, or Apache or whatever.  But if this product is used so much, why isn't more effort placed to improve the performance and functionality.

Fix the plumbing.  Just saying.