Create the Demand for Your Product or Service

Just imagine, if you could create demand for a product or service, you ensure continual revenue streams.

Like the umbrella salesman that can make it rain.

Technology creates its own demand.  Releasing incremental improvements over time, requiring continual upgrades.

Get the customer to lock into a 2 year agreement, by increasing the price of the hardware, to cash strapped consumers.

Or give the product away for free, with limited features, requiring people to buy the full version.

The term designed obsolescence means that the products are designed not to last.  The life of given product is expected to become obsolete within a given time frame.  Ensures continual upgrades.

Great for vendors.  Not so great for people's savings accounts.

And after you gouge the customer for the initial purchase, then offer options, upgrades, accessories.  And how about late fees.  Syphen as much as you can for as long as you can.

The new business model.

And once you get them locked in, customer service is mandatory, but cut corners where possible.  When calling my internet provider, the time to speak with a customer server rep was 60 minutes.  But if I wanted to speak with a sales person, the wait was 3 seconds.

In fact, I discovered a descrepancy with my cell phone provider this week.  They had been charging me $25 to much for 12 months,  And another error, I asked for international calling to be removed from all accounts, they forgot one line, and have billed us an extra $29.99 for the past 6 months, which we were credited.  I should have looked at the bill more closely perhaps.

I wonder how many people are being overcharged on a daily basis.

There are entire industries created out of thin air, which generate tremendous income.  PCI compliance is one example.  Tons of work to ensure compliance, with auditors and programmers and consultants.  Doesn't fix the problem.  There are data breaches just about every day which compromise credit card info.

How many products exist today that didn't 20 years ago?  100 years ago?

We've got so many options, so many different vendors to choose from, might as well throw a dart at a board to find the best pick.  Doesn't matter much, you'll be upgrading in a short time anyway.  Because the demand for the product and service was manufactured with one intent.  To part the customer with their hard earned money.  For as long as possible.

The consumer is a big cow.  Being milked.  Until the milk runs out.

Happy shopping~!  Sorry for the negative tone of this post :)