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Business Intelligence Utility Player

One of the good things about consulting is end to end programming.  Typically you're involved in the entire life cycle of the project.

From scoping a project out, to creating a Statement of Work, to designing the data model, the ETL, the OLAP cube, the reports, the Dashboard, perhaps integration with SharePoint, Active Directory, Security Groups, documentation and moving to production.

I prefer playing the role of Utility Player.  I like to jump from task to task, wherever needed on any particular day.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a project, much of the ETL was already done, dozens of reports were in the process of passing Quality Assurance.  I mentioned to the client that I could speed up the Crystal Reports.  They asked how.

So they gave me a sample report, which was running slow, over 8 minutes.  I did a few tweaks, all withing the Crystal Reports developer - no changes to the SQL pointing to the Business Object Universe, the report ran in 4 minutes.  Shaved off 1/2 the time.  Then I did a few more tweaks, and it ran in under 2 minutes.  Shaved another 50% off.

The goal was to run under a minute, but the Production server should have more processors and memory, so I'm guessing it will meet the 1 minute requirement.

Now all the reports will get the same tweaks, and the run times should be much faster.

And then on to the next task.