Solved the Rubik's Cube 4 x 4

I've written many times on this blog that I solved the Rubiks Cube in the 5th or 6th grade.  My brother showed me a move, when applied, did not affect the opposite side.  And since then I like to play with the cube to help me relax.

While in Germany last December, my wife bought me another Rubiks Cube, except this one has 4 x 4 pieces instead of 3 x 3.  So I've been tinkering with it from time to time.  The other day I was able to get 3 of the 6 sides to match.  Then 4.  And last night I had all but 2 pieces in the correct position.  In trying to solve it, I messed it up completely.  And had to work at getting it back to its 4 sided state.

The patterns are similar to the 3 x 3 cube, except not exactly.  There are some new moves required and I'm still learning them.  Except some of the moves are the same, and I got it to a point that I remembered from the other cube.  So I twisted and turned and when I aligned the colors, holy smokes, all 6 sides were now in the correct position.  I solved the 4 x 4 sided Rubik's cube last night.  Yay.

There's also a 2 x 2 cube which I solved while working for the County in the late 2000.  All have similar patterns but some have different patterns.

I like to work with the cube.  Solve problems.  Get into the zone, tune out and focus.  Kind of like programming.

And there you have it~!