Service Broker Resident Expert

A few weeks ago I was tasked with a Microsoft SQL Server - Service Broker application.  Granted I knew very little at the time.

So I did what I usually do when confronted with a new technology.  I immersed myself by reading all the articles I could find on the internet.  And used that information to create a working solution.  In addition, I took the time to create re-usable scripts for easy deployment.

We showed the scripts to the Architects of the Client and they agreed to move forward with the project.  However, the architecture may have to change from Point to Point to a hybrid of P2P and Hub and Spoke.

And then just yesterday, I find out that another project has a need for sending information to other locations and they chose to use Service Broker.  Which is good because the investment of learning a new technology is going to pay off.  As I will get a chance to implement Service Broker on another project.  And become the resident expert.

I think this process is what defined my career in taking on new projects, learning new technology, and leveraging for other projects.  Our careers are a series of building blocks, each brick laid one at a time, over time, to build a giant structure.  It's kink of like people who sew.  They don't build an entire quilt in one day.  They build a piece here, then here, and over time they stitch them all together into a giant blanket.

I don't think there's a lot of orgs using Service Broker, so learning a solid technology that's not super mainstream is alright with me.  It's a great product for exchanging messages at the database level.  I would like to create a utility for monitoring the traffic flow because it's not build into the architecture of the product, and to be honest, it really should be.