My Advice on Data Science Job

Recently a grad student contacted me on advice for a Data Science job.  Here was my response:

Thanks for connecting and reaching out.

Data Scientist is a good position in today's workforce and I admire your goals.

I agree that getting an intern position is beneficial to obtain real world experience prior to graduation. As I've seen graduate students who were well qualified not able to find positions.

I recommend getting involved in Social Media, follow the best and brightest, there are many out there. That way you get knowledge of the market trends, who the key players are and contribute to the conversations.

Likewise, starting a blog is good to build brand recognition as are speaking at events.

I would not get too focused on specific technologies at this point as they are ever changing. However, having knowledge in data, both relational and unstructured, along with solid programming skills are key components to the Data Scientist position.

Also, see if your professors can assist in lining up some "free" work just to get experience. Because once you get your first job out of school, it's your experience they look at, not the degree.

So good luck, keep in touch,