Intro to PowerBI Designer for Desktop

Saw a great posting today on LinkedIn http://www.jamesserra.com/archive/2015/01/power-bi-designer/

The Blog author, James Serra, does a great job explaining the new Microsoft feature called PowerBI Designer, for the Desktop.

So whenever there's something new, I like to download, test drive and blog about it.

I began by downloading the application here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=45331


Next, Next, Next:




Data Sources, whoah nilly, quite a few:

Selected an Excel doc with a PowerPoint Model embedded:

Selected a table to import:
Data Metrics now available on right hand side of designer pane:

With a few clicks, we have 2 Graphs/Charts:
Lots of Chart types to choose from the Menu bar:

With one click, changed to a Tree Map:
 When you Save as, new file type:

About screen, this is Preview edition:

I didn't see a way to save directly to PowerBI in the Cloud.  Likewise, no ability to select a Data Source from PowerBI.  Maybe its there and I didn't see it. 

However, I did see HDFS, Windows Azure and HDInsight, Analysis Services, SharePoint lists as well as our trusted ODBC.

So there you go, PowerBI Designer for Desktop quick intro.  Seems like a winner~!