Disconnected from Virtual Reality

The internet has dug deep into our lives.  There's no escape.  Well actually there is.

I decided to take a deliberate vacation from the internet.  Only allowing 1 hour per day to scan and surf.  Between 4 and 5 am, before work.

The funny thing is, my mind was craving a rest.  Too much electronic stimuli.  I had exhausted my brain.

Trying to keep up with all the news is a daunting task.  Impossible.  You have to pick and choose what and when.  Otherwise it's like quicksand.

You' think that by limiting time spent on the web, you'd miss out on a bunch of stuff.  In fact you don't.  You can take random samples of your reading interests and sift to the good stuff.  There's a lot of noise out there.

Also, you're interests change over time.  As do the people you follow.  I like to think that my interests progress over time and stuff I used to read is no longer satisfying.  Constantly changing the topics.

Perhaps my only regret was my contribution to the fueling of the Big Data hype.  Making claims without merit.  Discounting the role of intuition for cold hard facts.  I think it was a bubble.  Now its just another tool in the toolbox.  Like any other tool, if used by skilled people, it can be amazing.

On another note, this past week freed up my time to do other things, while not chained to the keyboard and monitor.  Like observe the world.  Engage.  Listen.  Watch.  Be part of.

We are truly disconnected from the world.  The internet has become an augmented reality of ideas and electronic bits and bytes.  Free from restrictions of the physical world.  Where time does not exist.  A virtual reality indeed.